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gav_73 02-29-2012 08:21 AM

Hello all ~

I was wondering if you could tell by my symptoms whether or not they sound similar to RLS - but instead of my legs, it's in my arms.

A couple months ago I've experienced a host of various neurological issues and I am waiting to see a neurologist for them. In the meantime, I started having these annoying tingles in my arms and shoulders that are driving me nuts! I'm wondering if it could be RAS rather than RLS.

Anyway, when I go to bed I'll start to experience these painless tingles like my skin is crawling between my shoulder blades into my arms. I wouldn't describe it so much as a need to move them, though, as much as I would this annoying skin scrawling sensation of tingling, just noticable enough to drive me crazy and keep me up. It seems to feel better when I stretch, but ONLY while in the act of stretching. As soon as I stop they come back.

Does this sound like anything you can relate to? My grandmother has RLS but describes hers differently, more like she needs to constantly move them. Anyway, I would appreciate your advice so I can adequately describe to the neurologist when I have my appointment that I may be experiencing RAS or something else.


msnova74 02-29-2012 04:04 PM

Re: Ras?
yes this sounds like RLS. It is not uncommon to have it in other body parts.

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