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trishers 08-18-2012 08:48 PM

rls and antidepressants
I currently take sinement three times a night for RLS. I need to add an antidepressant for extreme anxiety that is leaving me unfunctional at times.

Is there any antidepressant that won't make the RLS worse? Or is there an RLS drug that would work better with antidepressants? Getting up 3x a night for the RLS is hard enough, I don't want to make it worse.

writeleft 08-18-2012 09:34 PM

Re: rls and antidepressants

I have been suffering with RLs for almost ten years now, and I cannot imagine having to take medication three times a night for RLS. Do you mean getting up three times a night?

I have severe RLS and Periodic Limb Syndrome following four strokes, as well and severe sleep apnea. I am also treated with an anti depressant.

I am prescribed Requip 3 mg an hour before bedtime for the RLS and PLS, Trazadone for depression and take Lexapro (in the morning) and .

Unfortunately, I take a total of 17 medications daily and many of my medications are chosen to protect me from additional kidney failure, another result of the strokes. It is always difficult to compare medications, as we have so many different medical issues

I am not familiar with the medication you describe that you need to take three times per night, but the requip works very well for me, although it does make me very sleepy.

Some doctors can prefer different medications, but asking about using different ones is just fine, the three times nightly dosage seems like a drawback most folks would have a very hard time accommodating. Any medication that can be taken once has such a better chance of working its best, as all medications require the closest adherence to their scheduled dosages.

Can you tell me how the medication is prescribed?

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