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wwchennault 12-04-2012 01:08 PM

Non-restless, restless legs?
Hello - this is my first time posting, but I have lurked around these boards here and there so thank you for all the helpful knowledge you have posted.

So, I've got problems. =) I'm 35 yr old woman with a bad case of rheumatoid-type Psoriatic Arthritis, Secondary Sjogren's Syndrome, a mess of gastrointestinal issues, crazy complex migranes & other assorted oddities.

The Remicade has sorted out my arthritis for the most part and now I am left leg problems. I had thought my muscle cramps, tingling feet, and twitchy legs were due to some spinal swelling (I also have the PsA in my spine) but that's all gone now so I have nothing to blame it on. I had gone to a neurologist a year or two ago to sort out the migraine problem and brought it up and she told me I had restless leg. I said to her "But - my legs aren't restless, I don't kick them around at night." she said "Sure you do, you just don't realize it."

When I brought it up to the Rheumatologist two months ago, she said the same thing, then said "Ask your husband, trust me he will tell you that you are kicking around like crazy when you sleep." I had mentioned that one of the worst parts of the leg thing is that when I wake up in the morning my legs are stiff and tight and I can't move them very well. She said that is a hallmark symptom of restless leg.

I asked my husband to watch me - he told me that I am still as a mouse all night long. I am defiantly not kicking my feet around. When I fall asleep I sleep like the dead. My leg muscles do twitch, but it doesn't matter if I am walking around or sitting or sleeping.

Recently my big problem with my legs is that they have a deep ache if I am up and around too long on them. I can only go for about 30 mins or up to an hour of walking/standing before I have to sit because the legs start ache too much.

My question is - do you know if you can have Restless Legs without Restless legs? The only other thing I can think it would be is neuropathy and I really dread all the tests and pain involved in getting that diagnosis. I already went through the ringer getting the PsA diagnosed.

Any helpful thoughts would be gladly welcomed. Thank you!

wwchennault 12-06-2012 05:38 PM

Re: Non-restless, restless legs?
Due to the cricket-chirping and lack of replies, I would guess the answer is a resounding no.

As it turns out my doctor called and she thinks it's a B12 problem. My numbers have been in the low 200's for the past four years but since that's technically *barely* over the limit they have shrugged it off. She told me that there have been studies showing that nerve damage can happen in that range, so we're going to go ahead and start some B-12 shots and see if that helps.

murbah 01-03-2013 06:04 PM

Re: Non-restless, restless legs?
try taking magnesium powder or tablets. helped me. i get rls without it but cant keep my legs still so no sleep.

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