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ymo1965 05-16-2017 10:50 AM

May of stumbled on a home cure!
Hi Folks,

I have just registered cause I wanted to share something that may or may not help sufferers. This isn't a stupid fake post. I am genuine about what I have found.

I have had Rosacea on my nose and chin for a few years now. The usual thing like exercise, alcohol, foods and sun would always make me break out. Was driving me crazy and self conscious.

Anyhow, I recently decided to go on a low-carb diet and shift a few pounds. Got into all that crazy healthy eating and routine like you do. I have totally halted all symptoms with rosacea and I think I know what it is. I am afraid to stop continuing with this. Basically I am drinking pure green tea everyday (not normal tea and coffee at all) and crushing two largish garlic cloves into an omellete every morning. After about a week I noticed it was calming down. No spots. Not even sun was upsetting it or heavy exercise in the gym (1.5 hr sessions of cardio). My nose has had no spots or redness since my diet/exercise began. It's as if the garlic has removed the infection. That's how it looks. I suppose it depends on how bad you may have the condition. It's an option to try. Sometimes the simplest things are the most surprising!

Your probably thinking these things are far too common ingredients and why hasnt anyone discovered this earlier? who knows. All I know is my nose feels normal now, No pain, no red and no spots. I even tried not putting sun cream on to test it and no rosacea at all.

If someone could try this and see if it works for them. Remember, two large cloves in a cheese omellete or similar and try it for a week or so. This may be just an individual thing. We are all different inside. I just wanted to share this because for me this is a miracle. I know garlic has a purifying effect and healing too. I also know pure green tea clears your insides out and works wonders. That's why I think either one (or both) has cured me. I am further testing this to be sure. But, I know that two solid weeks of exercise should of given more than a few break-outs on my nose and absolutely NOTHING!

I hope this helps someone. It's a horrible condition for anyone! I could of not bothered with this post but I wanted to help someone out there maybe.

Good luck to you all x

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