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Kristin2 07-03-2004 01:56 PM

I'm pretty sure I have a slight case of Rosacea. A lot of the time, my face feels so dry that it is INCREDIBLY annoying. It feels similar to when you're healing from a sunburn, and your skin feels dry and a little tight. Sometimes it sorta burns, too. The most discomfort is on the cheeks; only next to the nose. Also above the mouth. I don't break out so much. It's just that my skin feels so dry and burning.

I've tried soooo many different moisturizers and so far they only give temporary relief; temporary as in about 30 minutes of relief.

Any suggestions? This has been going on for years now.

Thanks. I would [I]really[/I] appreciate any suggestions b/c this dry skin problem/slight Rosacea is getting ridiculous.

Oh! Does 'Basis' have a moisturizer? So far I've only found the makeup remover/cold cream/soap. No facial lotion at all. You think their moisturizer would help?

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