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bl0ndekel 04-17-2005 10:06 AM

Hey guys...I have a question...for like the past three months I have had these red spots on my cheeks and nose and outer sides of face by the eyes. It's like it's inflammed down under the skin, but it's not acne. There are a couple of bumps, but mostly it's just areas of extreme red spots. Is this possibly rosacea and could it be linked to Systemic lupus which i was diagnosed with three and a half months ago, or is it maybe just part of the butterfly rash? I really hate these red spots on my face, they are so annoying and unsightly, i have to use coverup all the time. :confused:

VeeJ 04-17-2005 05:07 PM

Re: rosacea?
Hi. I just looked up malar rashes in my lupus hardcover. I found only a few hints that might help but probably can't really answer your question.

Apparently malar rashes, rosacea, and polymorphous light eruption can all look somewhat alike, but microscopic findings (meaning biopsies) are the only real way to tell. (And who would want a biopsy that might scar unless absolutely medically necessary?) But the author (Dr. Wallace) says that a malar rash (1) usually doesn't affect the nasolabial fold area ( = the angled lines that separate the upper lip from the cheeks), and (2) doesn't itch.

Are you avoiding sun, with hats & a good sunblock made for facial use? Have you been flaring in general? Are you managing your lupus overall (on medication)? Are you scheduled to see your dr. anytime soon?

Not very good info...sorry! Anyway, I hope you are doing well overall & that your face follows suit soon. Take care, from Vee

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