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alwaystan 09-18-2003 09:50 PM

Is it rosacea?
Okay, I have done a A LOT of research and I think I may have mild rosacea. I am going to the doctor next week but I have a feeling he may dismiss the idea quickly.

I am a 32 year old male and my face has always been fairly sensitive and I have always flushed easily. But in the last few years my face is ALWAYS red. After I wash in the morning my skin is blotchy for a few minutes then is okay for a few hours(still red). By lunch my face is getting oily and after I eat my face always gets redder(no matter what I eat). By the end of the day my face is very oily and very red. For the most part, it looks like I am mildly sunburned all of the time.

Well, this summer it seems even worse. When I am out in the sun I wear SPF50 and I am always very red for several days. It never used to be that bad. I thought I was being paranoid at first but then people started making comments about being sunburned. Also, my nose is always a little more red than the rest of my face. Alcohol always makes it worse too.

I have always thought it was related to my allergies but as I gave gotten older my allergies have gotten better and my face worse.

But, I do not have any blotchiness, blisters, or any other rosacea symptoms. I just always have a red face and it seems to be getting worse!

Could it be mild rosacea?

GTI 09-18-2003 11:37 PM

u might have mild rosacea. i was like that at first too.

alwaystan 09-19-2003 11:47 AM

Well, I got in to see my doctor today and just as I figured he immediately dismissed rosacea. He said I would have acne which I reallly don't have. He said it could be my allergies and switched my antihistimine and I had a blood test done to check for lupus. He said I did not show any other signs for lupus but he wanted to make sure.

Then, as I am waiting for my bloodwork to get done I notice a peridocal for rosacea. I pick it up and start reading it and now I am convinced I have it more than ever. I felt like showing it to my doctor but I figure I will just try to get in to see a dermatoigist next week. Hopefully I will not need to be referred.

DeeDeeWith3 09-19-2003 06:18 PM

Hi always,

Although I cannot tell you if you have rosacea, I can share a little story.

I never thought I had rosacea(and I still don't) however I have been VERY successful using treatments geared towards that condition. One is Plexion wash, and the other is Finacea. Both are for Rosacea, and both have made a remarkable difference in my skin.

Just some info for you and I wish you luck! :)

alwaystan 09-19-2003 08:53 PM


I scheduled an appt with a derm on the 29th and I will ask about both of those products. I appreciate the tips!

alwaystan 09-29-2003 10:00 PM

Well, I went to the derm today and he prescribed metrocream, tetracycline and one other that is suppose to absorb oil but the pharmacy was out of until tomorrow. He listened a lot more that my normal doc and immediately agreed that my condition was probably rosacea. He said it will prolly take at least 2 weeks to see any significant results. I figure I'll try this for 2 months and see what happens.

Anyone else use metrocream, metrogel or metrolotion?

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