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tcbted 03-21-2009 03:56 PM

Concerned: Rosacea and Cataract Surgery
I'm very concerned over my prospects of eye surgery next month.

I have suffered with ocular rosacea for about 15 years.
I have tried pretty much everything available to me here in Canada.

Basically, I avoid alcohol, use warm compresses, and scrub my lids with
tobradex and garasone daily. I also have my opthamologist moniter my ocular pressure twice per year. Apparently, my lids are always in excellent shape, but my eyes are usually bloodshot with rare periods of relief.

A result of the garasone is fast acting cataracts at the age of 48.
My vision is not great, as my right eye becomes blurry as the day progresses.

I've put the surgery off for about 1 year, but my doctor did a flash vision test, and I failed miserably. Apparently, I'm below the legal limits to drive in
both eyes.

I agreed to the surgery, even though I suffer from very acute rosacea.
If I don't use the garasone drops on my lids, I'll form corneal ulcers within days.

My doctor tells me that he has a 100% success rate with rosacea sufferers, but I'm very concerned. Apparently, the 3 varieties of drops I start taking before the surgery with help prevent infection.

Does anyone have any experience with cataract surgery on rosacea patients?
Both my eyes will be operated on.

Thanks in advance,


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