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LynnAllison 03-19-2010 04:30 PM

Strange skin condition flares up in Spring, in need of help!
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this before I absolutely lose my mind! For 3 yrs now I have been experiencing a strange condition with my skin which seems to be getting worse, BUT it only flares up in the Spring time. What happens is starting in late March early april the skin around my mouth, chin, and forehead become extremely dry, then red, then the itching starts, then the further into Spring we go I get burning in those same areas to the point where lotions, sunscreen, anything I apply to my face BURNS! Also, I noticed last yr, when it was at its worst, it seemes like as soon as I stepped outside the more burning in my face I had. I also started having burning on my eye lids and right underneathe them. Also want to note that the texture of skin around my chin,mouth and forehead changes, it becomes very rough, dehydrated, and its just looks horrible! Leathery almost.

Last spring I finally went to see a dermatologist in my area, and he didn't spend a lot of time with me, but he looked at my skin and said it was some time of dermatitis, but didn't know what, so he prescribed me Dexamethasone oral and the ointment along with it. Also, some Antibiotics and told me I'd be cleared up in 2 wks, well that did absolutely NOTHING!!! I went back to him 3 wks later and he increased my dose of the pills and switched my antibiotics, and told me I had extremely dry skin/irritation and needed to be using a "gentle cleanser" and a good moisterizer, like Cereve. He also recomended me have this new "facial" that they had there that would add moisture in my skin. Well, I ended doing the facial for $150 with no real difference, and the Cereve didn't work. All moisterizers do is temporaily coat the skin and then a few hrs later its back beeing dry, irritated and burning. So, anyway, convinced he couldn't help, I went to another dermatologist, and saw a PA there because the doc was a 3 mth wait. Well, he was perplexed, he said dermatits maybe and a touch of Rosacea and prescribed me Doxocyllin and metro-gel, but I got no relief!

So, anyway, I just learned to deal with it, and last spring into the summer was MISEARBLE!!!! But, it ended up going away in the fall, which was longer than the yr prior. Now, here we are again, with it being the end of March and its starting back again! Right now my symptoms are mild, dryness in the same area, slight burning and itching with redness, but it gets worse when I go outside. Sorry so long, but I feel like I am losing my mind and I am so afraid to go through this again, because I know its going to get worse.:(

Someone recently mentioned to me that maybe I had some kind of allergy, since it only happens in the spring/summer. Curious, I looked up what allergen is active right now in my area and it said pollen from a tree/plant called Juniper. Well, maybe coincidence, but our whole fron yard of our house is surrounded by juniper shrubs! My car has the pollen all over it as well. And when I went up to the bush to pull on it a huge cloud of pollen came off it! Apparently these plants produce a lot of pollen. So, could it be possible that I have some allergy to this pollen and its affecting my face or is it something else? I am in desperate need to find out what this is, I have spent so much money on every kind or cream, lotion, olive oil vitamin e oil, gentle cleansers, supplements and NOTHING works! Can someone please shed some light on this mystery?!


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