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LEO28 08-02-2003 09:31 PM

Im a 28yr old male. Since Oct. 2002 I have had momo
and phenemonia twice each. About two months ago I started to have severe pain in my left lung. A ct scan
showed a "pocket" in lower region. After a slu of blood test they found nothing.They did another ct scan
one week later(pain was getting worse and seemed to have been in different places now)sure enough they found that the one area was now small spots all over
both lungs! They preformed a broncoscopy with biopsy
and came up with nothing. My lung pain is still there
and now my ankles,wrists,forarms, and legs are hurting
constantly. They did another ct scan last week and said that the "spots" are beginning to cluster together and my lymphnodes in my chest are golf ball size :( They are doing a lung and lymphnode biopsy
on 8-6-03 to hopefully figure this out.So far they
are thinking its sarcoidosis or lymphoma. Do any of you have some insight? please help, good or bad!

Jemezmomma 08-14-2003 07:29 PM

I don't really have any great insight. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. At 28 or any age it is pretty scarey to face the possiblity of anything being wrong. I would like to add that if it is a lymphoma it is very treatable and there are still lots of us out here to prove it. Let us know how things are going. Good luck and God Bless.

youngatheart 08-20-2003 03:27 PM

Hi . . . I also have a posting on this site . . . and was disappointed that no one responded yet. However, I have another dr. appt. Tuesday to see what gives. Anyways, I started looking at other postings that weren't responded to, and noticed that I'd never heard of what you have. So I did a search on the net and found a bunch of websites . . . (even one that's looking for participants in a study). Here's the most informative site and it seems to include most of the symptoms you described:

Here's the one doing the study:

If you do a search on Yahoo, type "sarcoidosis" in your browser "search" window and you'll find other sites.

Good luck to you.

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