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rmc20021 02-17-2010 03:46 PM

could this be sarcoidosis?
hi, new on here and in desperate search for answers. WARNING: This may be long! The very first few days after the new year, we got tons of snow here in MI so I shoveled quite a bit of snow. A couple days later I had some soreness under my armpits and figured it was from shoveling so didn't pay attention to it until a couple weeks later I realized it had been a couple weeks and I was still feeling the soreness. As I felt around I noticed many enlarged and painful nodes under the arms as well as throughout my chest and neck. I hadn't had any sort of illness, infection or injury so when I started having chest pain (pressure) decided to go to ER as it was weekend and needed to feel well enough to go to work on Mon. Due to chest pain they did chest xray and ct as well as labs. CPK came back at 237 (normal was 135 high end). Diagnosis: emphysema. I was shocked as I've NEVER smoked. Explanation for enlarged glands: fat cells! Following week saw doc who I was able to convince to do at least an ACE test, results: 55 (normal high end was 52). Doc was out of town so saw another doc I'd never met from same office. Wasn't concerned with CPK or ACE, did another chest xray. Diagnosis: fibrosis and atelectasis. Forgot to mention could not lye down or felt like lungs closed up and had to struggle to breathe. Did some new labs which I haven't actully seen but was told were all normal (just general blood work, nothing in particular). Now being sent to pulmonologist and cardiologist even though doc doesn't seem interested in possibility of sarcoidosis...even though I'm convinced. Now 4 days ago I began with a low grade temp and pretty severe cough (did have a milder cough prior). Diagnosis: bronchitis. Even before initial swollen glands I was having some MAJOR fatigue which continues. Haven't been able to work all week due to illness. I tried but was sent home due to the extreme coughing. I'm totally convinced it's sarcoidosis but don't feel docs are listening to me. Does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced and could it be sarcoidosis? Any ideas or suggestions what I should do and what I should ask for???? Thanks to anyone who takes the timeto read his

bradjenn 10-16-2010 10:10 PM

Re: could this be sarcoidosis?
Sarcoidosis has many symptoms, coughing is one of them, I have been diagnosed with it since 2004, I refused to take the yearly antibiotic and pregnosone , what I have done is herbs, now for about 3 years, I do have some minor symptoms, long story short, I take
Olive leaf form Solaray 17% oleuropein, It is a natural antibiotic, I also take wild Oregano complex, and IP-6 Inositol for deep immune health, within a couple of month my coughing and overall health improved, it is undercontrol and I believe killing the sarcoid. It sure couldnt hurt you and will boost your immunity. BJ

bradjenn 10-16-2010 10:24 PM

Re: could this be sarcoidosis?
I have had Sarcoidosis since 2004, long story short yes it has alot of crappy symptoms, I have been taking Olive Leaf extract 250 mg, 17% oleuropein, wild oregano complex, IP-6 & Inositol basically for about 3 years, most of my nodules have vanished, in my lungs and on my face, I still take vitamin D because you need it for breast health amongst many other health benefits and ofcourse the sun. I cannot say I'm cured but as long as I keep my immune system strong it will eventually kill it. I hope that helps, it couldnt hurt you, give it acouple of months if that long before you see results. let me know, BJ

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