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Morbid_Angel 05-18-2006 03:32 PM

I think i have schizophrenia but im afraid
hello, im new here but i felt the need to get get some advice on my problems. basically i think i have schizophrenia but im afraid to say this to my mum[and also becos my stepdad apprntly has a schizophrenia,which i dont think so, he just has a bad temper]. i have researched all the symptoms ,causes etc and i think i may have schizophrenia because:

1. sleeping problems and i tend to wake up in the night and make myself cry about things that arnt really happning to me
2. psyriousis [an uncurable disease which produces to many blood cells]
3. making up stories about stuff that hasnt happened and feeling as if they have reely happened to me and its reality, which makes me depressed and i self harm.
4. feeling lonely and i dont have any freinds, though i know plenty of people they dont reely know me
5.i can never be myself
6. i dont have a social life, i stay in my room all the time
7. dont feel anything emotionally, eg. my mum has diabetes but i dont feel anything, good or bad....
8. i dont wash often or care for myself properly, i'll go weeks wearing the same clothes and i just dont care anymore to be honest, i dont see the point
9. i feel like im being watched
10. i dont think anyone reely likes me, i mean as soon as i turn my back i feel evryone is bitching about me and saying stuff about me, and people keep secrets from me
11. im very insecure about myself, appearance and personality
12.sometimes i can be happy and talkative, other times i can be mean and snappy/moody, ive been told by many people i do that and its confusing.
13. im very over sensitive and take evrything to heart and dwell over small things for ever and feel hurt about it

well i think u got the message,sorry for it being so long,but thers so many things i feel i cud never say to anyone,im too afraid to say this to my mum and also she thinks being schizophrenic is about being violent which im not,i'd never hurt anyone. i dont no if this affects it but i think it does. my stepdad was abusive towards me on several occasions when i was smaller. i dont know my real father he left on the day i was born bcos he didnt want a daughter. my sister ran away 2 years ago but i was never reely close to her. also im a goth, and i feel the music i listen to has affected me,and also i was born about 3 months premature and a few other things which i dont want to say....

thank you very much for listening/reading this. i'll be extremely grateful for any advice.

SuchGreatHeight 05-18-2006 09:44 PM

Re: I think i have schizophrenia but im afraid
Morbid Angel,

People with Schizophrenia being violent is a common stereotype; and primarily has been disproven. As well, music can not affect or cause mental illness. So being into the goth scene and music, won't increase symptoms.

To answer the famous question, " [I]am I schizophrenic?[/I] ", I have to be blunt and say [U]I don't know[/U]. And no one here can tell you otherwise.

However, there is something going on. If your behavior is affecting your daily functioning, and you are having difficulties as such, something isn't right. However, you having a psychotic disorder is questionable.

Are you 18 or over? If so, you can get help without your mothers concent. If you are not, see a school counselor, teacher or an adult who can talk to your mother and get you the help you need.

It is one of the hardest aspects to tell your parents that something may be going on. Generally, it is uncomfortable and frightening. However, it really has to be done.

No matter if it is Schizophrenia, Schizotypal (or another Schizophrenia related illness), depression or otherwise, you need to find help (especially since you are cutting). There are treatment options (medication, therapy, etc.) that can help you live a better life.

If you have any questions or other concerns, don't be afraid to comment me. I can answer most questions and help you figure out what you can do.


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