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guru44 05-15-2007 07:48 AM

I had unpleasant experiences with abilify and geodon. Abilify made me very manic, sleepless, and 'accelerated.' Geodon made me delusional and eliminated my appetite, and also very depressed. Zyprexa gave me diabetes. I vote for risperdal. Risperdal is a long-run drug to be effective, and you have to hang in there in the initial trials of the med, and only after about six months can you see its therapeutic effect. Risp has a great 'stabilizing effect' over moods and depression and allows one to function quite well in daily routines and organization skills. Higher dosages of risp are better overall in effect, but I recommend first starting off risp at 2mgs, then 3mgs, then 4, and finally 6mgs. The dosage depends on you, but I know of several severe cases of schizo. that worked quite well at 6mgs. Risperdal works better taking single dosage at night, although there are cases where people 'split' the dosage and take one part of it in the morning. Risp works more effectively taken the exact same hour every day. Initial trails of risp can cause a bit of emptiness and depression. In my case that was remedied by a taking seroquel 'fusion' along with the risp. There should be more experiments with this seroquel-risperdal mix - it is very effective, although non-traditional. I know of many people frustrated with risperdal but in many cases we're looking at people who just started the treatment. If they only had a bit of patience, they would reap the effects............

Junior77 05-15-2007 07:55 PM

Re: risperdal
This is the opposite for me. Abilify and Geodon are working best for me. Risperdal gave really BAD acne.

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