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marvinb 12-03-2009 11:55 AM

Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?

I was diagnosed as having schizophrenia last summer. I've been on risperdal for about 8 months and have recently been bumped to 2 mg a day. I think that it is helping. Since I was 16, I have had trouble maintaining a job. I currently am employed but am not getting very many hours. I want to start looking for another job, but need ideas for a job that isn't very stressful and the managers/bosses are likely to be sympathetic towards someone w/ schizophrenia. Any suggestions? To those that have schizophrenia what do you do for a living?


friendsville 12-03-2009 07:13 PM

Re: Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
I will pray for you .Perhaps you could get some local help with steering you to potential employers in your area,who may have had a person that they know who had the same illness.I'm sure I have run across some instances where people have
been fine in their workplace with this.Perhaps their is a list somewhere that will list famous people who are overcoming your situation.I am always glad looking for the famous, who have been depressed like me. Do not give up,ever,said Winston Church
hill during the nightly bombing of London,by the Germans in WWII. Bill

ahhchoo 12-03-2009 09:51 PM

Re: Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
I worked as a software engineer. When they start adding more responsibilities it gets hard for me because I have a hard time doing more than one thing at a time. If I'm only on one project I'm ok, but if I'm on multiple projects I don't like it at all. When I'm having schizophrenia issues I have difficulties organizing information and that makes it hard to design and write software so I get frustrated at times. And people on my team get irritated because I'm taking a long time to get my stuff done.

I'm not sure what the best job is...I guess it depends on the person. I like jobs where I don't really have to interact with people much. I like computers and math, too, so computer science/math was good for me in college. It's nice being in an environment where, if I'm having issues, I can be away from people and just kind of deal with it in my own way. So, I guess there are a lot of factors to consider when you're deciding what you want to do for a job.

tws1 02-07-2010 06:21 AM

Re: Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
i work as a labourer mowing council parks, i like doing this as i am operating mowers and snippers which means i dont have to deal with too many people only my work crew which i like. my meds make me a little anxious so doing a physical job suits me. i found a previous job through an agency that deals with people with disabilities and finds them employment so if you are well enough to work this might be the way to go. what type of work? i guess another reason i like my job is i dont have to think much and theres no stress, this i feel is important for me as stress triggers my illness, so i guess try to find a job that fits in not only with your illness but you as an individual

AmVan 03-17-2010 09:31 AM

Re: Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
I know Waffel House hires people with mental disorders and are very suportive from what I hear. I talked to a manager about myself and he was so supportive and encouraging. I didn't take the job because I was afraid. (I always had been a secretary before then.) I even took a job throwing newspapers just before I got my disability.

I ADMIRE your courage! I wish I could work now. If the economy wasn't so bad, I'd try a start at Walmart. I miss working and the money. God bless your courage.

cinemachick 04-01-2010 05:00 PM

Re: Best job(s) for someone that has schizophrenia?
For a part-time job, I used to throw newspapers. Of course working in the early morning stinks, but I didn't have to interact with many people. And the pay was fair. It's a good job. People left me alone while I was folding and bagging the papers. And you're an independent contractor instead of an employee.

You also have the freedom to work another job at the same time, since throwing papers could take one to four hours a day.

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