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Hello02 08-26-2018 08:42 AM

Advice about my sons diagnosis of scoliosis please
I am after some advice please!
We noticed a year or so ago that my son was walking funny so measured his legs and one was longer.After a hospital visit and x ray the doctor told us he has scoliosis and his spine was 6 degrees curved.
We then returned a year later for an x ray (my sons age on the second x ray is a couple of months off 11 years old) and the spine was now 10.4 degrees curved. The doctor was very relaxed about it and said there is no way of knowing if it will get worse or stop curving in time. I asked if a 4 degree increase in just one year was significant and to be honest she didn't seem to know. To me it seems a lot!
She said they only operate at 30 degrees but if his spine continues to curve at a rate of 4 degrees every year,that would mean by the time he is 16,he may need an opp! Im quite worried so wondered as i think its quite a dangerous opp! If people could share their personal experience with me and give their opinion, i would be so grateful!
I've been told there is nothing that can be done to stop it happening but there must be something i can do to help keep it straight?
What i'm hoping is someone on here will of experienced themselves or their child having scoliosis and the curving stopped!
Thanks in advance!

yayagirl 08-26-2018 09:25 AM

Re: Advice about my sons diagnosis of scoliosis please
Dear Hello02,

Don't be afraid. talk about how you feel to us. We are here for you. That news must be so scary for you. We never want our kids to have to go through anything. I am the same.

The main way to prevetn curving is to have the right kind of professional find out the cause of the spine curvature. He may need a back brace, but he might not.

Medical doctors prescribe medicine. If there is no medicine for a problem, usually they are little to no help. Surgeons prescribe surgery. So the type of doctors we see makes all the difference. Fist, please be sure to treat son like he is normal and don't let him think of himself as a cripple. No one has the perfect body, and there are all sorts of differences that we can and have to deal with. Make sure that he knows these things are just what makes him uniquely himself. Be very positive with him.

Were it my child I would take him to a Chiropractor first, then after all that can be done that way I may possibly also take him to a Physical Therapist. It is not unusual for one leg's bones to be different lengths than the other leg and son may just need a lift in one shoe. Also, it is not unusual for the spine to need adjustments and/or muscles may need strengthening in order to properly support the spine so it can be limber and as straight as possible. Proper posture makes a difference, and those two types of doctors can help with that.

I have bone length differences in my upper and lower bones of one of my legs so that I use 1/2 inch heel lifts in one of my shoes, all of the time. Hon, there are things you can do to help son.

If down the road there is a more serious problem you will recognize it and deal with it. For now talk to the professionals that can provide some immediate support and help. A medical doctor, in my opinion, is not going to offer any viable help, because their practice is medicine. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I was in a serious accident with broken leg bones and loss of leg bone length, and no regular doctor sent me to physical therapy or knew how to help with the resulting problems. I learned much of what I know about helping myself stand straight from talking to other people much like what you are doing here, and researching and trying solutions.

There is help out there if you go to the right kind of sources. Please let me know what you find for your son.

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