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Loveslilylou 11-09-2011 12:32 PM

Newbie here with a question about mild scoliosis
Hey everyone, :wave: Im new here and dont know much of anything about scoliosis. I just got a lumbar mri with and without contrast which said that i have mild scoliosis but with no nerve impingement. I have been having leg weakness/tingling/numbness/shooting pains, along with hip pain and foot pain, and frequent urination. I have been going thru lots of doctors to try to figure out whats wrong. Now that i have this mri i assumed that maybe the mild scoiliosis could have been causing these problems but the neurologist says it shouldnt be affecting me at all due to the fact that theres no nerve impinegment. My question is for anyone with a similar siutation...does anyone here have mild scoliosis with no nerve impingment but still have these same symptoms? Thanks so much in advance any comments would really help :)

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