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karlee10 02-22-2013 12:00 AM

Hi. I just got back the results of my MRI, and on it - it says "Localized Degenerative Discogenic Disease is noted in the mid lumbar spine with suggestion of LevoScoliosis with slight rotation to the right side, peaks at L-3. I'm 51 years old and have never had an MRI of my spine/back before, so I never knew that I have this. Most likely I've always had it. At my Drs. appt a couple days ago, my Dr. didn't even know my MRI results were in my file/records. He didn't explain or mention anything else before I left, so i went home, and read it out loud to my mom. I've had ongoing back pain this past 3 years, and,,,,,Does anyone know if this DDD or the Scoliosis are most likely the 2 main contributors??? Can somoeone please, please go to my thread in "Pain Management forum" and read my thread, "MRI results. Don't have a clue what they mean" And, simpy glance through it and tell me just a couple things on it that you understand, please!? I am so lost not knowing what this all means! I'm thanking someone in advance for doing this for me. I'll be so very grateful! Thank you so much.....

teteri66 03-08-2013 06:41 AM

Re: LevoScoliosis.
Hi -- I just noticed your post. I usually hang out on the back problems board. I can answer your questions...but I will go to the PM board to read your report, and will respond there. You might want to check out the back board -- lots of people there with DDD.

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