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pattilb1211 11-03-2014 11:53 AM

Not born with scoliosis
Was anyone here not born with scoliosis? I developed it after an injury while pregnant with my son (he's 13 yrs old now). I also have hypothyroidism diagnosed just over a year ago. Throw in migraine headaches since I was elementary school and I feel pretty sickly! lol! All kidding aside, I am growing weary of people saying to me that I "look fine" other than probably being lazy or depressed and what not. My 3 main complaints don't really have any outward symptoms. I'm just venting here. Thank you to anyone who will listen! ;)

teteri66 11-05-2014 06:13 PM

Re: Not born with scoliosis
Does the scoliosis cause you problems? Lots of people who have back problems develop scoliosis. There is something known as adult-onset scoliosis.

This is a type of scoliosis that is fairly common , occurring in 6 to 68% of the adult population...depending on how it is defined. Some specialists consider a curve of 10%, which is not visible to the "untrained" eye, to be adult onset scoliosis.

In many cases it is an incidental finding, meaning it exists but isn't really much of a concern.

Sehsun 11-10-2014 04:45 PM

Re: Not born with scoliosis
I was not born with scoliosis and was officially diagnosed when I was 13. It was managed with a back brace for a few years (38 degree curvature). Now I'm just keeping an eye on it. I suppose if I develop any issues, I will get a referral to an orthopedic doctor.

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