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heidi14 06-16-2011 03:37 AM

long term relationship & genital warts
My boyfriend has been diagnosed with genital warts. He is getting treated, but i understand that the virus is not curable.
I am free from the virus and other sti's, and i also have all of my doses of gardasil. However i am confused as to how a long term relationship with an affected partner works.
We plan on staying together in a long term relationship. So its to my understanding that should be have unprotected sex after he is treated, there is a chance i will get the virus.
I also understand that genital warts is a low risk virus (cancer wise and the popularity of it), but i am just confused as to how long i should use condoms with my partner for - surely not forever? I have heard for a 6 month period after he is treated, as wart regrowth is at its highest during that time.
Any advice from anyone in the same situation would be of help.

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