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Lisaoc 08-31-2011 04:27 PM

I do not know where to turn or think anymore.
Hello my question is I've been with this man for a while now, and sex was great at the begining and he has not touched me in any sexual way going on nine months now I talk to him about it but I do not know what else to do done things to get him to make love to me but nothing works he tells me he is tired but when he gets a call he runs out the door and tells me he will be back in half an hour or an hour. I wait and nothing he comes home and just wants to go to sleep after coming home this has been happening alot latley and I do not know where to turn or do have nauty clothes wear them to bed nothing he just turns over and goes to sleep. He is a wonderful man but to me it seems like he does not want to be with anyone any more or has a fling on the side and I do not know about. I am so sexual furstrated that I have been getting these nasty headaches and they won't go away for hours.

welshlad 09-01-2011 04:28 AM

Re: I do not know where to turn or think anymore. sorry to hear you feel this way, its a tricky situation but it could be a number of things.....the most common would be that there is someone else? but the only way to find out would either be to confront him or arrange a night in together and wear sexy stuff and seduce him if that dont spice things up and get him in the mood then i would say hes cheating im sorry to be so annoys me when guys do this! why cant some people just be honest!! Grrrr lets hope he isnt cheating! and its something silly! i hope you get it sorted

slenderella 09-01-2011 04:53 AM

Re: I do not know where to turn or think anymore.
This is just my own guess, but if this were my man I would think that he was having an affair. Please talk to him, tell him your concerns. This conversation is far more important than just the sexual aspect of your relationship. It's about love, and trust.

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