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My boyfriend only has one ball?

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Old 01-01-2004, 10:32 AM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
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boricuaitalia20 HB User
Question My boyfriend only has one ball?

I've been w/ my bf for 1 year and a half...and I noticed he seems to have only one ball. You can't really tell from just lookin at it...but when I feel it there's like no seperation. I confronted him about it a while ago. And he gets all nervous and says "THERE'S TWO!" and doesn't let me touch it. So I Dropped the subject. I'm curious. What the hell is this?

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Old 01-01-2004, 10:45 AM   #2
Senior Veteran
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MrNice HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

It could be one that one of his testicles is undecended. If this is the case he could have been born with this condition. It can affect his ability to produce viable sperm as the testicle which is undecended is at a higher body temperature than his decended testicle. This is something that he should discuss with his doctor.

It can also be that his testicle has just moved up but can be manuevered down back into his scrotum. This sometimes happens and is just a temporary situation.

Finally, he could have been born with only one testicle or could have at some point in his life had testicular cancer and had to have had a testicle surgically removed. If this was the case he would, of course, know about it.

Old 01-01-2004, 10:49 AM   #3
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boricuaitalia20 HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

I know this is a stupid question, but does this mean it would be harder for me to conceive with his one ball?

Old 01-01-2004, 01:56 PM   #4
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Magnetic HB UserMagnetic HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Originally Posted by boricuaitalia20
I know this is a stupid question, but does this mean it would be harder for me to conceive with his one ball?
This would not be the case if the one testicle developed normally. Where there is only one testicle, it tends to go a bit into overdrive and produce more sperm to make up for the missing or defective one.

He does seem defensive about this and if are considering marriage with him, you need to discuss this. By now, he should trust you that you won't dump him over this and he should be willing to discuss it. If he won't, then he will probably continue to be unwilling to talk about it in marriage, and this could lead to some serious repercusions, especially if there is an issue with fertility.

Old 01-01-2004, 04:24 PM   #5
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german30 HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

My brother only has one testicle, and has two children, so you see it is possible, unless your b/f has some other problem.

Old 01-31-2004, 10:20 PM   #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
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SweetPuff HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

My boyfriend only has one testicle and he actually told me about it when we first starting dating. Well, actually I sort of already knew b/c I didn't feel 2 down there, but one day we were sharing intimate secrets so he told me. For him it happened when he was very young. I think it just didn't drop and had they known earlier it could've been saved. I hope this won't affect his fertility or sex drive. I do hope to marry him one day and would want to conceive a child so please let your boyfriend know it's important to you if this are your plans as well. He should also know you are ok with it. A guy really has to trust you to tell though b/c think of how he would feel if you broke up and decided to tell his friends for revenge or something. Maybe you should confide something to him to make him feel better??

Old 01-31-2004, 10:35 PM   #7
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Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

boricuaitalia20 - I would approach him very delicately on this matter. Sounds to me like he's very self-conscious on the matter, and for good reason! Put yourself in his shoes. If I had only one ball, I would prefer NOT to talk about it rather than talk about it. Assure him that your intentions are positive and helpful. Make sure he is comfortable with talking about it before you ask him to engage in a full conversation of his possible undescended testicle. If he becomes at all uncomfortable talking about it, back off, and let it happen at his pace. Trying to rush him on the details might make matters worse. People with sexual issues sometimes tend to get very defensive about them, because all of thier lives, they've HAD to be defensive about them, and when it comes to discussing the problem, a defense mechanism just seems to be the first card they play, you know?

I wish you well, and hope it all works out for you both...



Old 01-31-2004, 11:44 PM   #8
undercover angel
Join Date: Jan 2003
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undercover angel HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Some men are just born with one testical. Its probably best to just be very supportive and honest with him and let him talk to you when he is comfortable with it. But it is not going to inhibit you getting pregnant.

Old 02-02-2004, 12:50 PM   #9
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Location: San Diego, California
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sdp HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Fertility probably shouldn't be an issue. BUT.. I think I read/heard that an undescended testicle has a much higher risk of becoming cancerous. He should have had this fixed a long time ago. I would recommend a medical consultation.

Old 07-20-2004, 08:10 AM   #10
Junior Member
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blib HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Hi, if you do a search for "undescended", you will find a whole grove of useful info. on undescended testicles. It's a condition that I experienced, which I have posted about before, and it can be very gruesome and depressing. Take your time with him, be delicate in bringing it up. If he wants to talk about it, he will. If you can't wait for him to open up to you, then you need to move on and not make a big scene about it. Just break up. None of that crying b.s. It's easiest that way from my point of view. My ex-girlfriend, notice the ex, made a bad habit of "feeling" me in the tub and it was quite violating to tell you the truth, since I had told her at the start of our relationship about my condition. So I would also suggest to you to quit doing things to determine how many pieces he has. Don't ignore it when you're being intimate, and don't make a habit of avoiding it. Just do it for the right reasons. It's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very annoying. Trust me, from an experienced point of view.

Old 08-12-2004, 07:31 AM   #11
Join Date: Aug 2004
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tbccc HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Do you know the reason for only 1 testicle?Thanks

Old 08-12-2004, 02:46 PM   #12
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Weaver HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

My father had only one ball and he had 5 kids. Fertility should not be an issue.

Old 08-13-2004, 12:30 AM   #13
Join Date: Aug 2003
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Darkfur HB User
Re: My boyfriend only has one ball?

Originally Posted by tbccc
Do you know the reason for only 1 testicle?Thanks
The member who started this thread has not posted here since January 8th, so I doubt they still frequent these boards to answer you.

There are reasons for a man to have only one testicle. A testicle might not descend into the scrotum before or shortly after birth. I had one of these "undescended" testicles, which should have been discovered and repaired in infancy. Unfortunately, I grew up with it hidden inside my abdomen, never knowing why I was different. By the time this was discovered in my 20's, it was too late to bring the "wrecked" testicle into the sack, and it was removed as a precaution against cancer.

Another reason is the possibility that the testicle became twisted in the womb, thereby cutting off its own blood supply and dying. The dead testicle usually atrophies away. There may or may not be evidence of it if you searched the body surgically, I do not know.

A third reason, more rare perhaps, is that sometimes, a male develops only one testicle to begin with. One did not die, there was only one, period. My nephew has this condition. Exploratory surgery (to find an undescended testicle) did not prove fruitful, and the testicle was assumed never developed.

Of course, the testicle might have been removed later in the boy's or man's life and he knows about it. Cancer, injury, or unresolved torsion (twisting) may lead to a testicle's removal.

Don't think that all guys with one testicle try to hide the fact. It's obvious I only have one, and enjoy any attention a woman pays it. How to best deal with situations like this depends on the guy, I suppose.

Last edited by Darkfur; 08-13-2004 at 12:38 AM.

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