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Don0608 11-28-2004 12:18 PM

burning after peeing!!!! help
ok, this is bothering the heck out of me but i am 20 yrs old and have been sexually active for about 3 months now, but I know everyone is going to hate me for saying this but i don't use protection with the girl i am with now, all my other girlfriends i have everytime, but when i pee it has a very slight burn to it until i am done and then i burns like hell for a few mins and then goes away, now i have tryied to reseach this but cant find anything on it so someone please help.

chevyman 11-28-2004 01:51 PM

Re: burning after peeing!!!! help
I'm not going to preach at you for not useing obviously know better!!!
anyway if your squesing the plumbing pipes into while *******....better get to the Doctor ASAP.....sounds like you got the old familure "claps"
he will either give you an injection or start you on antibiotics!
please go see your doc as soon as you can and obviously have your g/f do the same!....Good Luck!

Don0608 11-29-2004 08:32 PM

Re: burning after peeing!!!! help
well, I saw the doc today and they did a U.A. and they said they found bacteria in my urine, and they did not know exactly what it was so they swabed my penis (which hurt like hell), gave me a shot, and made me drink a nasty solution to clear what ever i had up :) , now i just have to wait for a phone call to see what it was :yawn:. The doc says it COULD be Gon. or clamidya but they are not for sure yet. But as for the girlfriend she has a doctor appt. on thurs. so we will see whats up with that, but what I dont get is I have been sexually active with this girl for 3 months and i just started getting burning feelings about 2 weeks ago......

chevyman 11-30-2004 01:42 PM

Re: burning after peeing!!!! help
Well maybe it was tranfer from one patner to the other either by you or her from a provious partner? thats why they call it "STD"...SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DESEASE!..I think that it can just lie in a person just wanting on its pray!...for years! if left untreated. btw... theres a lot of new std's out there today also!.....with the worse of course is "Aids"

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