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Dave56789 01-03-2005 01:58 PM

rock hard erections during night
What is the current thought about this? I am 43. I can usually, but not always get erect when I need to. Although I rarely have "rock hard" erections during sex. They are just barely hard enough for penetration. But often, I will wake up at night to go to the bathroom and have an incredibly hard erection. So hard I have to wait a few minutes to urinate. I used to read that if you have hard erections duing the night, then that proved that physically you are cabaple of having an erection. Then, it means when you cannot achieve an erection during the day, it is psychological. So does that mean I need to see a psychologist or something?

Bacardi 01-03-2005 02:10 PM

Re: rock hard erections during night
I certainly hope this holds true, as I have the same experience. Rock hard erection waking up, having trouble attaining erection during/before sex.

JackieC 01-03-2005 03:35 PM

Re: rock hard erections during night
OK guys, I'm not a man, but if it helps, I have been with a guy that had trouble maintaining an erection and/or ****** too quickly. Just like some of you, he also masturbated and found erections etc. no problem during this. He also had no problems getting early morning erections etc.
We went to see a sex therapist and she did say that it was purely psychological, if you get them throughout the night, early in the morning or maintain while masturbating then it's definately not a physical problem.
My ex has worked on his self esteem and has finally realised that the problem was not sexual (he was great in bed) but in fact more a confidence issue. He felt he was letting me down and so got caught up in this psychological battle with himself.
Good luck to you all.


Guy122 01-04-2005 12:40 AM

Re: rock hard erections during night
First of all often an erection during the night can be caused by needing to go to the is virtually impossible to wet your bed with a fully erect penis, hence the erection..body saying "time to get out of bed and have a pee". With the erection problems...try and set the mood...get the massage oils out...etc....different will notice a difference in hardness in different situations...some will arouse you more than others...get out of the bedroom and into the sand dunes! ;)

cool_dude20 01-04-2005 04:58 AM

Re: rock hard erections during night
i have erections at night too and i have no problems getting en erection during the day. its raisesa itself without even touching it.

Zagreus 01-04-2005 09:44 AM

Re: rock hard erections during night
It's not true that nocturnal erections come from needing to urinate. It just happens that often when we wake with an erection we need to pee. It's coincidence.

I think that for many of us, hitting the late forties does indeed lead to a decline in the quality of erections. Personally, I think it has something to do with relaxing. At night, when we are relaxed, the autonomic functions take over during REM sleep and produce erections. It's part of the dream cycle. Like you, my noctural erections are very hard. But often in intimate situations, their quality isn't what I'd like. That's what I've found be my case anyway. And it's very frustrating. Talk to your doctor about it. There are solutions to these problems. And they work well.

Bacardi 01-05-2005 06:35 AM

Re: rock hard erections during night
And its not just the 40+ crowd either. Im only 25 and just recently starting having this happen to me in the last year.

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