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Condom-Disabled! Help!

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Old 07-15-2005, 12:34 PM   #1
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Bananagoof HB User
Condom-Disabled! Help!

Heya guys,

I'm a 21 year old virgin who (obviously) masturbates quite a bit. In preparation for my first time, I figured it might be wise to try a condom on. Sure, we had sex ed in high school, but seeing a condom demonstrated on a wooden pepper shaker and actually getting one on your penis must be two different experiences, right?

Right. I'm uncircumsized, and according to my dad, uncut guys are supposed to pull back the foreskin when slipping the condom on, and have sex with the skin always pulled back. I tried that and then masturbated, discovering that the condom merely sticks to my foreskin and hurts the head of my penis as I pull the skin back and forth. Not fun.

I've also tried just slipping it on without pulling back my skin, but then, there's no way to move my foreskin, and therefore, no way to actually "jerk" if you uncut folk know what I mean. I'm assuming your head is supposed to be in on the action when you're having safe sex, right?

It's very frustrating, and me and my Dad really don't have a good relationship, so further questionning him will only embarass the hell out of me. I turn to the rest of you uncut sages for advice then. How do you get the condom to fit and feel comfortable? Is it supposed to wrap around both your foreskin and your head? How do you get that darn bubble out? I've tried pinching the end when unrolling it on myself, but air always seems to get stuck in there. Just so you know, I was using condoms from a bathroom dispenser. I've heard that condoms now come in sizes. My penis is about six inches when erect and no wider than a Canadian quarter, if that sheds any light on the matter. Plus, when I've got the condom on, it's tight and pinches the whole shaft, you know? I feel like my privates are being packaged as saucages or something LOL. I must be doing this all wrong.

PLEASE give me some good advice. The last thing I want to do if and when the time comes for me to get it on is spend twenty minutes fumbling with a rubber. What's normal here and what isn't? How can I go about discreetly practicing this in order to get it right? THANK YOU brothers! It's appreciated.

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Old 07-15-2005, 01:56 PM   #2
Join Date: Dec 2004
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pcantona HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

Hi there, yeah you actually raise some good questions here. When it comes to the bubble on top of the condom(actually the semen collector)..pull the condom on so it only covers your head..pinch the top bubble so the air comes out. It is easier to get the air out that way. If the condom is on all the way, the air bubble will only travel down the shaft and then back up to the bubble When it comes to the condom getting too much slack in the front, making it get stuck to the foreskin and go inside.. That is a problem, you simply have to get used to it, or get a condom that is even snugger to there is no chance for the inside to move. You will never get away from the "sausage" syndrome. You either get used to it OR throw the condom away all together like me. Usually when you have sex though..the way the friction works is not the same as a hand, it wont pull the outside of the condom as much as a dry will slide more, so the condom will stay more in place and the foreskin wont go back and forth too much. It is very hard to explain for you, best for you is just to practise with a girl. You will get the hang of it after some time.

Old 07-15-2005, 03:00 PM   #3
Join Date: Apr 2005
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sparkleflower HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

Condoms do come in sizes, and there are also different styles - there's even one that has a pouch at the end, so it will move freely over your penis. One of my partners tried it and wasn't at all impressed, but it's worth trying anyway. I just wanted to also suggest putting a drop of waterbased lube on the tip of your penis - not enough to make the condom slip off, but enough to allow it to feel a little slipperier and more sensitive.

Old 07-15-2005, 03:21 PM   #4
Senior Veteran
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Lance2 HB UserLance2 HB UserLance2 HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

Hey bud, I am one of those "sages" you wanted to talk to about this. Condoms are frustrating, but important. Yes, us uncut guys need to completely retract our foreskin over the head of our penis and then roll out the condom and down on the shaft....covering the foreskin and head. This allows for easier penetration and is supposed to prevent the condom from bunching up and risk tearing the condom...not a good thing!

You're right about that condom you've been using...I bet you'll do better with brand names. Condoms, like clothes really need to fit well. I'd say you get several kinds and try them on for size and fit. Yes, they'll be snug...they are designed that way to keep them on in the midst of all the action. Keep working at it and I suspect you'll figure this out. Try the lubricated ones, maybe you'll notice a difference there. I'll be glad to keep chatting with you about this...just remember though that we can talk it all day long..its getting used to it that is the issue.

Old 07-18-2005, 05:22 AM   #5
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Location: TX
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jv109 HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

Condoms do come in Large and Extra Large for a thicker penis size. Not sure what size a Canadian quarter is.

Old 07-18-2005, 09:52 PM   #6
Senior Member
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Renn HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

Do you put out pre-***? --the clear natural lube that many/most? guys ooze during sex? Kinda sounds like you don't, from your comments about trying to masturbate with a condom. (Condoms are definitely not designed for masturbating, & generally are completely unsatisfactory for that purpose.) --But if you do produce precum, that'll be an aid when wearing a condom when you're having intercourse, because even if you haven't done exactly the "right thing" with your foreskin when putting the condom on, your lube fluid--if it's already flowing when you put the condom on & the foreskin covering the head is wet with it--will assure that the foreskin doesn't do any sticking to the inside of the rubber. ANd of course guys that don't put out their own lube can substitute a commercial type, or saliva. It's just important not to get the entire interior sides of the condom lubricated, as that might cause it to slip off. Some varieties of condoms (there are about a thousand I think!) come with the inside pre-lubricated--the part that fits over the head & just a little more.
As for the squeezing sausage effect.... that's something you just have to live with when you use a condom. It DOES feel tight, there's no question about it, but you can definitely adjust to the sensation. The important sensation is what you'll be feeling in the head, of course (penis head), and after you "get under way" those sensations overcome the awareness of the tightness on the shaft.

Old 07-25-2005, 05:57 PM   #7
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Bananagoof HB User
Re: Condom-Disabled! Help!

A big thanks to all those who replied. It's appreciated

I did notice however that there were two different ideas mentionned on what happens to the foreskin when the condom is it rolled back to reveal the head during the entirity of the intercourse, or left to cover the head? Sorry to be asking the same question twice, but after reading this...

When it comes to the condom getting too much slack in the front, making it get stuck to the foreskin and go inside.. That is a problem, you simply have to get used to it, or get a condom that is even snugger to there is no chance for the inside to move.

...versus this...

Yes, us uncut guys need to completely retract our foreskin over the head of our penis and then roll out the condom and down on the shaft....covering the foreskin and head

As for foreskin, my head is generally very sensitive. Usually when I retract the skin, my head is covered with "lines" for lack of a better word...kinda like your ankle looks when you wear socks with a thick weave that leaves an imprint. Anyhoo, occassionally, (probably about 7 times over the course of my life...I'm 21) my head has begun bleeding, probably as a result of the skin on the head being "dried out" or thinned or something. Whether or not it's related to the "sock lines" I'm not sure. All this to say, is it just me, or is the foreskin too thick to be trapped at the base of the head? When I'm jacking off, I rarely pull the skin all the way back, just because my head gets so big...LOL...I don't want to tear the skin, you know? When cleaning in the shower, I do pull it back, but that's easier when I'm not erect.

My Dad once said that you're not supposed to retract your skin all the way when erect...and yet he says you DO retract when having sex and wearing a condom. CONFUSED! And what happens during non-protected sex? Does the foreskin just slip back and forth as it pleases?

Again...thanks...honesty, details and candor are appreciated!

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