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magdalenazero 08-20-2007 05:54 AM

Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...

i had a frenuloplasty 2 weeks and 4 days ago. Everything seemed fine.. bit sore but that was expected. 6 days later, went back to work and i started bleeding from the end of my penis. Went to A&E, bleeding stopped, they were happy to let me go home and heal up.

It is still very hard to pull my foreskin back with time and stretching im sure it will become easier.. my question really.. is how long would you recommend leaving it before i can begin masturbation again?

It doesnt hurt when i get an erection any more, although one day last week i did wake up having had a wet dream in quite a lot of pain.. i figured, ive already ejaculated once and it didnt do any lasting damage or cause any lasting discomfort...

i can still see some scarring and not all of the stitches have dissolved yet..

any advice would be very much appreciated as my doctor said 6weeks before intercourse but nothing about masturbation.


DerDichter17 08-20-2007 08:39 PM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
I would imagine that if you arent to have intercourse for six weeks you should probably not be masturbating during that time either since you would be putting just as much strain, if not more on your penis during masturbation.

SpunkyStuart 08-21-2007 04:00 AM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
Since it will be difficult to not masturbate for six weeks, I would wait until all the scarring has formed, and the stitches dissolved. Then, very gently see how much you can move your foreskin without pain or any obvious damage occurring. Then just play it by ear... I would try not to make it a long drawn out affair, just quick gentle relief!

If in doubt, you could always ask your surgeon, maybe you are going back for a checkup - this would be a good time to ask?

magdalenazero 08-27-2007 10:06 AM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
thanks for the input, most appreciated..

the ways things are at the moment, i havent "relieved" myself at all.. since the operation which was 3weeks and 4days ago now... because of this, it wont take very much physical stimulation to do the job (in other words, i reckon can pretty much ejaculate without any foreskin movement at all..

what i really need to know is, would i end up doing any damage on the inside, purely as a result of the action of ejaculation at all? because like a said before, ive already had a wet dream and that didnt seem to do any damage..

any advice on this from someone qualified would be very very much appreciated, cheers!


SpunkyStuart 08-27-2007 05:19 PM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
Whilst I am not medically qualified, I can make a few points for you.

Firstly in nearly 4 weeks since surgery you should be pretty well healed up and although there still may be healing to do it is probably nearly there, also the op was on the outside mostly so I doubt a gentle jerk would hurt anything. And since presumably you are urinating ok then a bit of different fluid should not do any damage at all!

But well done for the restraint!

Vegas74 08-29-2007 10:38 AM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
buy a vibrator and hold it firmly against your penis, that will cause you to have an orgasm without stroking up and don, you need a strong one and will have to hold it there for a while but it works and with no back and forth motion like intercourse or masturbation, you have to hold it in the area your most sensitive, so move it around a bit when you find that area just squeeze it against your penis a little firmer,

i learned this years ago, i got poisin oak on mine-it left a scar, it was my hands and i got it on my penis and outside of my nose at the same time it was a huge mess for 2 weeks i was very sensitative to the poisn oak, it was impossible for me to masterbate, my penis was raw all over, a girl told me about this and i didnt believer her at first, it worked great i stil do it sometimes for fun, it makes a stronger orgasm than the regular way.

SpunkyStuart 08-30-2007 02:53 AM

Re: Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...
The most sensitive part of the original posters penis is the part he has had operated on! But a vibrator would certainly work, especially if he is on a knife edge anyway!

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