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project 09-15-2001 05:05 PM

possible nerve problem???
Hello everyone. Im posting this problem i've had for a while and im just hoping someone on here can relate to or give me some advice on to what is wrong with me. My problem is...I had this bump on the right side of my penis, under the head. it looked somewhat like a vein but it was hard. well i had pressed on it to see what it was and it sent a jolt of anxiety throughout my whole body. (so the doc says thats what i have). My anxiety isnt as bad but there are a couple of things still wrong that may have something to do with it. Ever since this happened....ive had a burning sensation at the tip of my penis when i urinate and sometime when i ejaculate. I've noticed when im erect im not as hard as i used to be and also i dont ejaculate like i used to. Now when i ejaculate it feels like im gonna shoot it (like i did previously to this) but it just kinda dribbles out. Ive had pains in my testicles...and groin area. I always have muscle twitches...and im really stressin over this. Ive had antibiotics and they didnt work. i wasnt diognosed with any std. could this be a nerve problem.....possibly pinching one after pressing on that bump. If you have any idea i'd like to know because i cant stand this anymore. Im only 20 and im really stressin and id really like to get back to normal if possible. thanks :]

Lance2 09-16-2001 06:22 AM

Re: possible nerve problem???
I'm not sure what it could be but I'd be seeing a urologist for a second opinion. It may be nothing serious, and probably isn't but....when it involves our equipment it's very difficult to be OK when we have questions as to what is going on there. GOod luck and keep us posted!

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