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some20 01-27-2002 01:03 PM

handphone radiation effect
i have one question:

is there any effect on anypart of my body when i handling my handphone??
i carry my handphone in my pants there any effect on whichever part around it especially, you know what right??

some20 01-31-2002 05:24 AM

Re: handphone radiation effect
but I heard that the radiation is bad for body cells -like brain cells, ears.. and in my understanding, sperm also one kind of cells, don't they??
that's why i'm asking if there any effect to my sexual thing if i carrying handphone in my pants..

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Babernethy 02-14-2002 09:02 AM

Re: handphone radiation effect
There have been many studies regarding cell phones and the radiation that they put off. I don't think you have to worry about it when it is just in your pocket, the radiation is apparent only when it is receiving a call.
At that time there is a signal emenating from the unit...and there is a tiny bit of radiation apparent.
I have one for emergency use...and have noticed that if I use it for more than 3 minutes, I get an ear ache. I have heard this is a common occurance with people like myself who have an inner ear imbalance. We are great receptacles for changes in the weather, atmospheric radiation and radio signals!

some20 02-16-2002 09:24 AM

Re: handphone radiation effect
whoaa.. is that bad??? i'm sorry.. i never heard about people get sick when using handphone just for 3 minutes???
u seems like expert in radiation thing.. thanks alot babernethy.. :-)

foosballfan 02-16-2002 05:37 PM

Re: handphone radiation effect
Hey man, one thing I've noticed with my cell phone is that it gets really warm , almost hot when I use it sometimes. I am a little worried about what long term use of cell phones can do to you, since they have only been in widespread use for a few years. I generally only use mine for semi-emergency type things, like when I don't have a regular phone to use or it's long distance. That, and it costs too much to use all the time. So yeah I guess I'm kinda wary about them too. I keep mine in my pocket when not using it usually so I hope it doesn't kill my testicles, which I don't think will happen because radiation usually only emits when it's making a call.

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