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Circumcision Question!

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Old 08-24-2001, 10:05 AM   #1
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goodman_2001 HB User
Circumcision Question!

Hello everyone,
A few months ago posted a question on circumcision, and asked if social reasons were good enough reason to circumcise my son who will be born in a few weeks now. I really appreciated everyone's insights and answers and personal experiences. I was leaning toward not circumcising my son. Well i had not told my wife of my decision and just thought that we would talk about it when the doctor asked us.
Well the doctor asked us at our last visit. She said, "Do you want to have your son circumcised?" There was a pause and my wife awnsered "yes". I jumped in and said, "well maybe" I was surprised by the docotor's response to my "maybe" answer. She went on to say that circumcision is better because it is much easier to care for and clean when the boys are young and that it prevents problems from arising when the boys are adults. She also said it was cleaner because circumcised men have a straight pee stream and flow as where uncircumcised men have a foreskin that does not allow for a clean pee flow.
After we left my wife and I had a conversation about circumcision. I explained why I though the doctor was wrong. She agreed. Her only worry is that our son will feel different than all the other boys. The circumcision rate is now 65% and has not gone up or down much among white babies nation wide in the last 20 years. I recently saw stats that support that statement.
Here are my questions!!!
1. When is a child able to retract his foreskin? I know parents should not try and pull it back for them. it is a natural process that will happen after a few years right?
2. To avoid not having a "clean pee" dont uncircumcised men just pull back their foreskins when they urinate? Cant i just teach my son that, just like i will teach him to shake his penis after he pees? Were you all taught to do this by your fathers?
3. Also, if my son feels out of place in the lockerroom, cant he just retract his foreskin as soon as he is nude and look like everyone else if he wants. No one would even know he is uncircumcised. I shower at the gym daily. I have a buddy that i have seen in the shower for several months now. I have seen him nude all the time and until last week I didnt know he was uncircumcised because he always had his foreskin back. Did you uncircumcised men do this so that you didnt feel like the odd boy or man???

Thanks. i will appreciate all responses and opinions!

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Old 08-24-2001, 11:19 AM   #2
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Lance2 HB UserLance2 HB UserLance2 HB User
Re: Circumcision Question!

Its hard to believe that the doc gave such "lame" answers. Dont' we teach our children all about hygeine anyway and why is this any different. Certainly as a father you'll be teaching your son about shaking the penis after he pees, it would be natural to ask him to always pull the foreksin down about so as not to interfere with the stream, this is one I just learned on my own. As to the question aobut when does it retract, that one is gonna be different with each of us. I've answered lots of teen guys and early teens about that particular issue on this board. I'd suspect that around age 11/12 or so that this could become a topic of conversation. He'll very definately need to be able to retract the foreskin to practice hygeine under there so he'll need that bit of info. As to the locker room thing, I think the less said or "done" to hide the fact that he may be different in being uncut would probably be best. Personally, I would start at an early age and teach him age appropriate things about his "equipment" as he gets older then increase the knowledge and teach him EVERYTHING he needs to know about it. It would also be very good to let him know that penises are all different, some cut, some uncut, some bigger than others and all of those things. Although this might be a bit wouldn't believe the things that our teens and young man do NOT know about their "manhood" Of course, this choice remains up to you and your wife. Do what you think is best and if that means uncut...more power to you and ignore what the doc says. If she had more research based evidence that it is best to circumcize, I'd more likely be supporting her suggestions!

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Re: Circumcision Question!

I find it incredibly interesting when reading about how circumcision is a huge debate particularly in America where people say that they don't want their sons circumcised but end up doing it because their doctor says it should be! I can't imagine how much some people really don't think that parents have a brain too! I think you are right goodman in thinking how you do.

In Australia, the circumcision rate is only 12% and that has come down since the early 70's where it was around 55% circumcised. In Europe it is nearly not existent and Scandanavia virtually none are circumcised. The only reason why most are circumcised is for religious reasons. In the UK it is around 6%. That was with the help of the Government stopping it being covered my their public Health System.

In AUstralia, Circumcision is the only "Plastic Surgery" covered by the Medicare (Public Health SYstem). In America it is a huge money spinner for doctors and many or them realise this and advise parents on it purey for the monetry gain.

There is NO reason for neonatal circumcision. It is advised the leave the foreskin alone until the boy is ready to retract the foreskin and they will do it when they feel the need to. For someone to say a uncircumcised man doesn't have a straight pee, is searching for a excuse to reinforce their lack of knowledge of the proceedure. It is done without anaesthetic and they baby is strapped to a board whilst the surgeon peels off the foreskin from the hard of the penis and cuts the foreskin away!

Hygiene is not really a good excuse these days, we use things called showers and that is good enough. Sure in the days where there was only desert, perhaps it was worth circumcision then, but not today. BOys should be taught to enjoy their bodies and realise that it all works and that people are different! What a boring world we would live in if everyboy looked and sounded the same!!! I applaude you on your opinion Goodman and feel that you are right in not wanting to circumcise your son!


Nurse_oz is a Registered Nurse who works in a Major Paediatric Hospital in Australia

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areelbigfish HB User
Re: Circumcision Question!

hey goodman...

I just wanted to put my mark in the anti-circ column along with the other two posters. I'm 20, and have some real world expierence with one of these things... <IMG SRC=""> Except for an unfortunate incident with a pair of superman PJ's at about age 5 <IMG SRC=""> (I can still remember how bad that hurt!!! ) I havn't had any real problems. I already know there is NO_WAY_IN_HELL I will let my (future) son(s) be cut. Unless at some point it is medically nessisary.

To answer some of your questions:
1) I would guess the kid should be able to retract his forskin at 11-12. It was about then for me. It actually scared me the first time I did it, I remember that. I thought I had broken something... hehe.
2) When the kid is little and cant yet retract his FS I dont think its a problem, just so long as he washes it when he showers etc. Once he can retract it then ya, its the same as every other guy, you just got an extra step or two. I may be an exception, but I sometimes just leave it "back" it takes a bit of getting used to because its pretty damn sensitive but after that its smooth sailing, and essentually makes you no different from the other kind, except you have it there when you want it.... LOL.
3) Locker rooms..... I dunno. If you pull it back, like you said, you cant really tell the difference. But by the time he is in a locker room who knows how many uncut guys will be around. I think its more of a self confidence issue more than anything.....

There is also the "daddy being different" hangup. I havnt talked to my parents about circ at all. So I don't know why they didnt have me cut as a baby. My dad is cut, but he has something aginst it (dunno what exactly) I only know this because of a few instances when a TV show would mention it he has made comments about how it shouldnt be done etc. As far as im concerned this is a non issue. Just so long as you teach the kid good cleaning habbits when he's a youngun.

I guess thats it, post again if you have anymore questions.

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