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steverg 06-14-2012 10:16 AM

Torsion surgery problem
Hi all,

I'm a fit and healthy 22 year old. 3 weeks ago i had surgery on a torsion in the right testis. I was cut open and stiched up... 2 Weeks after i had recovered, girlfriend and i had some alone time and everything was all good!

However 3 days ago, things changed and somethings not right. After i have an orgasm, there is no sperm. I have never had issues like this before. It is completely dry.

I'm not overly concerned at the moment as im going back to see the urologist for kidney stone removal, and i can ask her there.

Its more for peace of mind, it's early days but i can't seem to stop myself from thinking the worst.

Thanks and look forward to your reply's.

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