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kinkyjohn 08-07-2003 02:02 AM

Very slow frenulum healing
Hey there, 5 weeks ago I managed to rip my frenulumn during sex. Was pretty alarming for both of us at the time cos I got the artery and it bled quite a lot for about 3 hours. I was kinda freaked out about it till I found these boards and worked out what had actually happened. That was a huge relief so thanks for the help everybody.

However, as I said it's been 5 weeks and it still hurts even though there's no visible injury. I think I've looked after it ok. I retracted the fore skin a fair amount just after I'd first done it to clean the blood away properly (it kept bleeding at night), but after that basicaly didn't touch it for two weeks. I then got balantisis so had to start retracting the foreskin with some amount of pain to wash (that's gone now), but it still hurts to retract my foreskin even now. It's better than it was, but there's no way I can really think about having sex and it's really starting to get frustrating.

Does anybody else have experiences with very slow healing, since I'm past the 2-4 weeks mentioned for a frenuloplasty and this should be a less significant wound it's getting a bit alarming. Anybody got any suggestions as to what I could do to help it? and how long has everybody else's torn frenulum has taken to heal. Overall, I would rather stretch than get a frenuloplasty but it is fast beginning to seem like it's no longer an option.

I value any advice because I'm beginning to get worried.

sdp2 08-07-2003 12:30 PM

I think the 2 week waiting period would be valid for minor tears. Your's sounded pretty bad and would naturally take longer. I really don't have any other suggestions.

tommy124 08-07-2003 01:48 PM

I don't know what to tell you, either. I'll share my frenulum experiences, since it has been the only thing which has caused me any penis worries. Mine tore. It was minor, but it felt like a razor slice, and I could feel my knees going out from under me. It healed in
2-3 weeks. Then it tore again. It took a while to heal, then tore. I got anxious, and went to the urologist. He said he could fix it. When I asked how, he said, "with a circumcision. it would remove the whole area". I immediately made an appointment with a different urologist. He said that sometimes it happens, and it would eventually heal just fine.
I waited. It seemed to keep tearing. Then, just as suddenly as it came, it stopped. My frenulum never tore again. This was 25-30 years ago.
I would just try and be patient, and definitely leave it alone, no sex, no masturbation, for a week past when it seems totally healed.

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