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Agutts 03-09-2013 04:45 PM

Crazy Libido Swings/ED Problems
Start with some notes. 27, in good shape, frequently exercise with weights, sleep well and have low stress. I am a struggling to quit smoker. In all, I've smoked for about half the time the last ~4-5 months.

So I've had this ultra-dramatic swing recently. And this isn't the first time this has happened, but this has been the most dramatic.

For a while, I had been hovering with 80%-90% erection strength. I thought it was weird at first, but maybe I just got used to it. This has been about a year. A couple months ago, things just magicaally became awesome, almost seemingly overnight. I was getting rock hard. My libido was amazingly strong (in a totally healthy, controllable, enjoyable way). I felt amazing.

Then... pretty much literally overnight... gone. I tried having sex with my girlfriend the next night, and couldnt even get hard. Since then, things have been really hit or miss as to whether or not I'm able to perform. And throughout the day, I just have very little sexual apetite at all. I'll see really attractive girls and know I should feel some urge. I just don't.

Another symptom thats been weird, that's only been the last couple times we've tried.... I'm normally a guy with a lot of staying power. In fact, I've always felt I suffered from undersensitivity... it takes me too long to climax. These last couple times, I've been the ultimate minuteman. I think the deal is, I basically have to be 'on the verge' to have a workable erection. She'll get me going with a generous oral session, and then I'll get hard right before I feel like climaxing. But there is no middle ground. I'm basically either orgasming or back to soft again.

This is so odd, and so dramatic, I have no idea what to make of anything. There may or may not be some co-incidence with smoking and quitting swings. But even smoking should not make things a fraction of this dramatic, it would seem. And no, I don't think it's mental. The GF is ultra nice and understanding, knows I am having problems and we talk easily about it.

Please, someone at least give me some options to chase down. And yes 'go to your doctor and get T levels checked'... duh. But I don't have a primary care provider right now, and due to other complications as well, this may not be an option anytime soon. Besides, does that even make any sense? Would T levels go that haywire in such short periods? Why?

I'm grateful to hear any thoughts.

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