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Soldat 03-29-2005 01:32 PM

Erection issues again.
I've posted a couple of times here about the same problem. I have a girlfriend and we're sexually active, although we dont engage in oral because she doesnt like the idea. As much as i dislike this, its not that big an issue. The problem is that when we try to have sex, usually when i'm putting on the condom i loose my erection. Its driving me insane, the same thing happened a year ago with my old girlfriend, but i somehow managed to get over it. Its nothing to do with her, sometimes just kissing her gives me an erection, and everything else is fine, but this problem wont go away. I tried not making a big deal out of it so i wouldnt get worked, and tried to stay calm, but its not workigng. I'm starting to get extremely depressed at my helplessness in this, i feel like less of a man. This girl is understanding, but what about the girls later in life that arent? Should i drink a bit before we try so that i'll be calmer or something? Please help...

Scooterman 03-29-2005 06:30 PM

Re: Erection issues again.
First of all, how turned on are you when you are about to have sex?

I've had the same problem as you and I've found that the only time my erections are good is - surprise - when I'm actually turned on. You can't be worried about things, particularly losing your erection, and still be turned on at the same time (and thus have an erection to show for it).

The best thing to do is only have sex when you are really horny. That way you are pretty much dying to get off and won't be too worried about losing your erection. It works for me.

Soldat 03-30-2005 12:14 AM

Re: Erection issues again.
So you're saying that i shouldnt masturbate or look at porno or anything for a while before i get ready to have sex? After i got over this problem when i lost my virginity, my ex and I would have sex all the time with no problems down there for me. Do you think this would work?

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