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creeper 11-06-2002 11:33 AM

Im currently 18 years old. I stand at around 5.1 inches in length. I feel that I have not completely finished growing because I know that my brothers are larger than me. I have been tryin these pills that I ordered off the internet and they dont seem to be working quite yet, but I have been only using them for around a month. Im kind of scared because I want to play football for college, but I dont want to take a shower with all those guys and be very very imbaressed. Im not sure what to do...Please give me some advice and/or products that may help my problem.. thanks a lot!

Stroke9 11-06-2002 01:01 PM

I would say don't worry, don't order any more pills either.

Just live with it.

Tauren 11-06-2002 05:11 PM

You have nothing to worry about. Most guys are your size. Anything from 5.0 inches to 6.0 inches is the norm, or the so-called "average," which ~85%-90% of all men (of all races) fall into.

I am currently in college. I used to play varsity baseball (3 years) in high school, and, for a single year in college. Trust me, they won't say anything, because, well, many large looking guys (6'0 feet tall and over) are not exactly well-endowed. Everyone, except for a select few, are average -- the well-endowed individuals tend to be more of an exhibitionists.

For the first week, some guys will look at your package out of curiosity (to compare), but after that, everyone tends to their business. If not, I'd question his sexual orientation.

Lance2 11-08-2002 03:57 AM

Hey bud, I struggled with this for many years and I'm not an athlete. Took me a long time to get over my fear of size and comparison and the whole body image thing. Please do yourself a favor and play sports! Get in that shower and forget about all the rest, if they look...let em, its your body and its what you've got. Those pills probably aren't going to help and size doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that it works and that you have confidence in yourself to overcome any challenge life throws at you. Good luck and forget about it!

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