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wolferus 09-16-2011 02:30 AM

After Phimosis problem
Well i had phimosis and i spent about 2 months stretching it and now it can totally uncover when flaccid and can be about 3 quarters down erect but a little pain. Then i realised that i had a lot of smegma so i cleared it all and my glans are not so sensitive anymore. the problem is that i found the right side of the foreskin to be stuck to the glans. I think it's either stuck by the smegma or stuck because of some unknown reason probably because it had been kept under for so long. How do i get it back off the glans without hurting my foreskin or glans. Btw the bottom of the glans around the ridge is also stuck to the foreskin basically the whole bottom and the top a little bit. and my penis is also slanted to the left , as in the ridge's top is on the left side. PLEASE HELP i really need to get it off. please help any solution? solvent for the smegma or whatever adhesive is doing this?:confused:

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