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Zlnk7 10-25-2011 04:40 PM

Unprotected and worried
Today me and my girl had unprotected sex and i didnt Pull out in time. She was on top and said that gravity would decrease the chance of Pregnancy. See now im a worried type of person. And want to know if i should really worry or not. Any info or any advice im all ears?

JumperOK 10-26-2011 01:44 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Yes you should worry. Gravity won't increase/decrease her chances of becoming pregnant.

Thisby 10-26-2011 05:57 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Your girlfriend should go and get the morning after pill ASAP.

Gravity will do nothing to reduce the chances of getting pregnant and I'd be worried that she might not be to aware of the risk if she's going to say something silly like that.

Not saying she's definitely going to get pregnant, but if you ejaculated in her without protection there is a risk and the only way to prevent it is the morning after pill. Unless you want to risk becoming a dad, have a talk with her about it.

Good luck.

Zlnk7 10-27-2011 07:32 AM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Thank you thisby that makes me feel a little better. I Suppose but you know how it is when you dont hear the answer you want but i do appreciate it. If you have any other advice or info it would be much appreciated and again thanks.

Thisby 10-27-2011 11:53 AM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Not to scare you, but my reply shouldn't have made you feel better, it should have scared you into convincing her to take some ECP.

ECP can be taken up to 72 hours after the event, and I really suggest she take it - unless she can show that it wasn't at a risky time in her cycle.

If she can't, I'd be worried that she might actually not care if she get pregnant. The time to act is now, not in a few weeks when she has some 'bad news'. When is she expecting her period?

If nothing else, maybe this lets you know how each of you feel about potentially becoming parents.

Zlnk7 10-27-2011 01:06 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Her next period should be very soon actually i think a couple weeks.

momoftrio 10-27-2011 03:22 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
Hate to tell u this but if her period is due in a couple of weeks , chances are she is ovulating and that is when she can get pregnant

Zlnk7 10-27-2011 05:09 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
O great. So shaky relationship and now this! Great

MyraC 10-28-2011 12:55 AM

Re: Unprotected and worried
If you're in a shaky relationship, the last thing you should do is have sex. So as much as you want to be snarky, now is not the time. It's been 3 days since you've started this thread, so this girl hasn't had a morning after pill, you need to do that ASAP.

Make her take a test if she misses her period; hopefully she doesn't. Keep in mind, however, that a girl can miss a period due to stress...SO TAKE A TEST TO BE SAFE.

And finally once this pregnancy scare is over, never forget it. Practice safe sex. Good luck.

Zlnk7 10-28-2011 08:27 AM

Re: Unprotected and worried
thanks for the answers and i will definetly get the morning after pill

Whoopee 10-28-2011 12:26 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
I hate to state the obvious and will probably get slammed for this, but don't they teach this stuff in school? Like when a women is ovulating and is most likely to get pregnant or that if she's upright she's less likely to get pregnant, are you serious? I'm sorry but our society is clearly lacking when ideas like this exist!

Zlnk7 11-04-2011 01:54 PM

Re: Unprotected and worried
she is having her period now. im Glad and from now on im gonna have to think a a little more and be smarter. Thanks everyone that has helped out, and even the ones that didnt.

Thisby 11-05-2011 10:45 AM

Re: Unprotected and worried
I'm glad to hear the good news.

As they say: "play safe" :)

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