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Love Potion 11-09-2011 07:01 PM

Can I be pregnant?
Hi, my boyfriend and I have only just started having sex. The usual case with us is: we have unprotected sex for a short while and only when we really get into it, then we use condoms to prevent him from ejaculating. Now I'm worried about pre-ejaculatory fluids. We never had 2 rounds of sex, so that each time there is only pre-ejaculation, just the clear fluids. He never masturbates to ejaculate before having sex so there is no sperm in the urethra (as I have been told there is no sperm present if there is no previous sexual activity).

Nevertheless I'm still worried. He gets really wet, and I'm not sure of if this would be a risk of pregnancy. I had sex like this before and I never got pregnant, I even had an experience with the withdrawal method, and the guy came pretty close to ejaculating inside of me and there was no pregnancy. I no longer use this method as its too risky.

My boyfriend and I had sex about three times (three separate days which was not close together at all) the last time we had sex, even though we used a condom I took the pill. Since then I have been getting slight cramps like I usually do when I'm expecting my period but I'm not seeing my period; and its around that time of the month for me now...

P.S: Sorry for the long post.

pinaay 12-11-2011 05:47 PM

Re: Can I be pregnant?
Hi there,

Sorry if this reply might be a little late, as it's been a month since you posted.
I hope things are okay for you

There are many reasons why a period might be late, or delayed, none of which are immediate health concerns. The fact that you are stressed out about this might well be a reason why you're not seeing anything.

I don't mean to judge or to criticize. But there is always a chance of becoming pregnant, regardless of preventive measures taken. I'm slightly alarmed by the fact that you were not using protection when exposed to even pre-ejaculatory fluid. Frankly, you never know- after all, you can't see a single cell with the naked eye, can you? I can't guarantee anything, but it seems to me that there is not a great chance that you are pregnant, this time around. Again, I don't mean to be judgemental or sound condescending, but the reality is, is that as long as you continue to engage in sexual activity, you will always have to consider the risk of pregnancy. The only way to live without this worry is to abstain from sexual activity.

Best of luck; please tell me how things are with you now :)

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