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Troubled101 03-18-2012 08:47 PM

I'm in trouble...
Well me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now and we only recently started to get sexually active but we realized a problem. He ends up ejaculating too quickly. I don't find that much of a problem to me but every time we end up having sex, he complains when he comes after like 2-3 minutes. We yell at eachother and even cry a lot cause he won't listen to me. He just recently read this thing bout an hour ago and he showed it to me. I made an account cause I honestly need help. He said he read this and it said that he was "too sexually attracted to me"... It makes me feel like he might want me to just sex... But could this be possible true or is it something else? :(

September88 03-20-2012 11:32 AM

Re: I'm in trouble...
That is not true at all. He is not with your for just sex. You two have been together for a while. You should be very sexually attracted to your partner. That is a good thing. Why don't you two find ways for him not to ejaculate quickly. Like if he feels it coming he can pull out and go down on you or some thing. If you are crying and fighting over sex, tell him THAT makes you not want to have sex. Not the fact that he doesn't last long. Tell him his stamina is FINE for you. And if he isn't satisfied with his stamina just tell him you won't have sex then if it makes him that insecure.

PennState 03-20-2012 02:17 PM

Re: I'm in trouble...
You should tell him to ejaculate before intercourse. It'll make him last longer when he's actually having intercourse, he'll feel like he's satisfying you more that way.

September88 03-20-2012 03:04 PM

Re: I'm in trouble...
That doesn't always work sadly. People recommend masturbating first because it will make you last longer. Not true. Maybe for some men, but not all.

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