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RadiantRainbow 07-21-2012 07:55 PM

Is that bad...?
I have a 16 year old boyfriend who's shy and isn't sexually active.

he was raised to never touch himself and he's not sexually active, so I feel safe around him but one of our friend teases our friends (theres a group of us) and she started to in some ways... I guess it's called molested, forcing him into an erection and after they were done he kinda passed out, she said it was 'cause of lack of eperience so I don't know I Don't really care.

I just care about the fact ever since that day, he would get sexaully aroused VERY fast, sometimes the slightlest kiss makes him whimper and after a month he finally told me that he's been masturbating for more then 8 times a day and he wasn't even sure if that was healthy or even normal. His parent's can't know so he can't ask a doctor.

And he's still the same guy I know but I don't feel confortable with him since I fear his hormones might take over one day and do something...

Can you tell me how we can stop his addiction? Is there something he can do or take, is this bad that he's been doing it many times? I just want to help stop this he's been getting more tired and lzy these days =/

wachix 07-25-2012 05:51 AM

Re: Is that bad...?
There is probably nothing you can do. Although I'd guess masturbating 8 times a day is at the high end of the curve, he is also 16 and probably has raging hormones so it could be entirely normal.

I highly doubt your girlfriend turned your boyfriend into a sex addict. He would have been doing this sooner or later anyway. It will subside with time.

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