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Hawk1281 10-13-2012 01:08 AM

17 and confused - what to do
Okay I'm 17 have been for about 3 months

I have been masterbating since about 14 started quite late because I have never know anything about this sort of thig until my ex girlfriend introduced it.
Anyway I found out few days ago by just researching that I have been masterbating wrong. I used to just hold onto my penis can rub my hand up and down, with out it actually sliding up and down or moving the foreskin very much
I am un-circumsized/ uncut and apparently you are meant to pull or be able to pull the foreskin down just over the head (or cap I'm not sure what it's called) but I've never really done that before. And also apparently your meant to be able to touch the head when the foreskins pulled down but mine's really sensitive when I touch it.
What should I do? And how should I do it? And how do I make the head of my penis less sensitive so I can actually touch it

mc7 12-04-2012 04:43 AM

Re: 17 and confused - what to do
It sounds like you have "phimosis", foreskin that does not retract. This is easily fixable, but it could take a while. See the sticky thread on the [b]Men's Health[/b] board [b]Stretching To Fix Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)[/b]. You have to be careful and don't try to rush it. Pulling too hard can make it tear and scar and then harder to stretch. Or the tight skin ring could get caught behind the head (paraphimosis). There are instructions for this. It's pretty important to know what to do ahead of time should that happen.

It may help the skin to stretch more quickly to avoid milk. Milk has calcium and added vitamin D. They both encourage muscle tension, which is great for weight loss and fitness, but obviously not good for stretching the smooth muscle tissue of the foreskin.

Maybe the best general advice I have for intact men is that cranberry is a well established traditional method to prevent and cure urinary tract infections (UTIs). Occasional cranberry of some form will prevent UTIs just about perfectly. And it's being studied for whether it prevents prostate, colon and esophageal cancers. It does prevent these cancers in rats. So maybe if there is any higher risk of cancers or disease from being intact, it could be more than mitigated from using condoms consistently (and properly) and occasional cranberry juice or similar.

This is a small point, but you probably shouldn't think of yourself as 'un-circumcised'. It's not like you uncircumcised yourself. Some other men have had the most sensitive parts of their penises amputated, but you did not. You should think of yourself as 'intact'. Other men have been modified by doctors who don't even appreciate what they're doing. I don't know if you're the unusual case where you're from, so I don't know if this advice matters too much for you. I just didn't want you to ever feel ashamed for having all your genitals. You should be proud of it. One very significant advantage is that you are sensitive enough that you won't be as bothered by using condoms (like a significant number of modified men are).

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