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question about gynocologist

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ashleighbean HB User
question about gynecologist

okay, my situation is a little bit weird, but here it is...

I'm 19 years old and a college sophomore. I get really REALLY bad cramps, like so intense that I basically can't do anything other than lie in bed, writhing in agony while tears stream down my face. If I try to walk more than a bit around the house, I usually have blackouts. I'm not sexually active (or only minimally so... I'm a virgin and haven't done anything that involves penetration at all--I have a serious boyfriend but we're waiting). So, the summer before my freshman year of college my mom took me to the doctor, who recommended birth control pills to stop the cramps. The doctor was quite adament about wanting me to get a gyno exam with pap smear before prescribing the pills, but since I was very reluctant she gave them to me after my mom and I signed a waiver saying that we knew the possible risks of bp's masking signs of cervical cancer, etc. She gave me orthotricyclen, but a month into college I stopped taking it because it was causing me to bleed constantly for the whole month and it was just too stressful, trying to adjust to being far away from home with that dragging me down. So I was fine for a little while, but then my cramps got bad again and so I went to the health center at my school, where the doctor prescribed desogen, which works great for me. I think they have a policy about annual exams there, but the doctor didn't push it with me at all. Desogen is like a miracle for me, it helps my cramps soooo much, decreases the size of my period, never caused any spotting even in the beginning, and hasn't caused any weight gain.

BUT my problem is that I transferred to a different school starting this semester, and I'm on my last pack of desogen. The health center here is very strict about not giving pills without an exam and pap smear, even if you have a precription from somewhere else they still insist on having pap smear results--though I don't even really have a prescription per say, my old school just kinda sold it to me because the dr.'s note was in my file. I have about a month left of school, and I don't know if I'll be able to make it through this final crunch (I go to a really tough and competitive university) if my period becomes irregular and I get those horrendous cramps again. But I also really really really don't want to get the exam. I think my risk of most problems in that area is very low, considering my lack of sexual activity, and although I'm aware that you're supposed to start going every year at 18 (and that of course things could still go wrong, even without sex), I just really don't want to. Or if I do have to go, I'd like to at least be able to do it at home with my mom there (which is about 2000 miles away right now). I know I sound like a baby, but I'm very physically and emotionally sensitive about these things, I've handled a speculum and those things are BIG and I cried the last time I tried using a tampon. And I know this is also kind of a strange ideal that most people probably don't share, but I don't want anything inside my vagina until I have sex. I know that's weird, but I really don't, I mean, I want sex to be the first time. Now I know there's nothing sexual about a gyno visit but that's not the point, I just want my first time to be the first time I've been contacted in that region of my body. It would make it even more special. May seem strange, but it's somewhat important to me.

So my question is... does anyone know of how I can get a prescription without an exam? Is there any organization or something that will do it for me? Can anyone think of something I can say to convince the doctor? Or maybe if I could at least just get one month's worth so that I can go with my mom this summer?

And secondly, I'm pessimistic that I'll be able to get the pills, but I'm not willing to stop taking them... so I'm REALLY scared of the visit. I'll do it if there's no way around it, but I'm really scared, and it's worse because I'm at a new school and I don't know anyone here except my boyfriend (we've been together since high school), I don't have any close girl friends who can help me with this or refer me to the nicest doctor here or anything. Can anyone tell me about it? Does it hurt a lot if you've never had sex? I've heard that it does. Will it break your hymen? I mean, the speculum really is big, and then they spread it open. Ugh, I'm just feeling ill thinking about it, and the clock is ticking away, I have slightly less than two weeks before my next period. I know the basics of what they do, but somehow having read the facts in a pamphlet doesn't reassure me. I'm sorry this was so long, but I really am worried and stressed about this. It's just scary for me and I don't really know what to do... *sigh* but thanks for your time.

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BoOtYLiCiOuSbAbE HB User
Re: question about gynocologist

hmm thats tough.. maybe there is a planned parenthood somewhere??

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rx9thc HB User
Re: question about gynocologist

I know exactley what you're talking about dealing with the excruciating cramps- so bad you black out. A lot of times I'll actually almost puke. After awhile I determined that one of the main reasons why they hurt so bad is constipation mixed with cramps. I usually will take 2-4 advill when I immediatley feel them coming, or I'm paranoid that they're coming. It's necessary to be prepared so you can function before it gets to late and you're lying on the floor rocking and moaning and wanting to die. I don't know if a perscription is necessary (not in my case at least.) . I would recommend taking the maximum dosage of a over the counter pain releiver and praticing breathing exercises (breath in through nose- breath out through mouth). These really do help and make you more calm in time of anziety. Also, taking hot baths can sometimes help- both those options though do not substitute for Advil

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luv2sing HB User
Re: question about gynocologist

I used to have cramps as bad as yours and when I went to the gyno for the first time, he put me on the Pill and that was the end of them. I know that you are scared to go, but it is for your health! Your gyno will check to see if "everything's in it's place" Plus, the cause of your cramps could be something more serious and by taking painkillers you are masking the symptoms. You also need to get regular pap smears once a year(some say twice, but I have always gone once) to check for cancer.

Another reason that you need an exam before getting the Pill is because the gyno needs to prescribe the right brand and dosage-he's gonna check your blood pressure,health history,etc. If you get the wrong dosage, it could be dangerous.

I know it's scary the first time you go-I went by myself but I had a great gyno and he talked me though exactly what he was doing. It does not hurt-there are different speculum sizes,so don't let that freak you out-and the whole exam does not even last 10 minutes. When you go, let them know that it is your first visit and that you are scared. If anything, it's an uncomfortable feeling-laying on a table wearing a paper gown with your feet in stirrups-LOL! You'll feel a little pressure when you're getting the pelvic exam done, and when they do the pap smear, it tickles a bit. That's it!

I wish that you lived out by me-I'd send you to my gyno-he's wonderful Good luck!

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