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Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

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Old 05-20-2009, 07:36 AM   #1
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perdave19 HB User
Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive


My lover and I are having a bit of an issue. I don't want to give total relationship info as I have seen in the other threads how quickly it can go off topic. So a fast info. We both have HSV2, got tested for HIV and HEPC, Hep B all neg. So with a verbal contract and a few months in we are monagamous. So I have been with enough women to have given me that little friend for life. But one thing I know is she has a serious, foul smelling, hold the blankets or I will gag down-there odor. I dealt with it at first as quite honestly it had been a while and was...well...horny and the idea of unprotected sex with someone who can't get hurt by me was a nice thought for a change. But, the smell is overbearing. I initially thought it was the condom since its been a while that i used one. (my last relationship, 3yrs unprotected and monogamous)

I decided to tell her at a crucial, she asked for me to go down on her, and i said only if we take a bath, she refused. So, i said no, which lead to the discussion. So, back to the doctor later that week. Now, I am not sure what she told the doctor (maybe she lied) but she said the doctor said " you don't show any signs, and just waived her off" making me into the oversmelling bad guy. But I know. KNOW KNOW KNOW that this smell is strong, entire room smell, hands smell, sheets smell, and today after dealing with it more than an added month she finally said she notices it too post coital. WHich I commend her for, as she was obviously nervous and must have felt horrible.

She said its her smell or possibly a combination of our smell. But, I have had enough experience to know that this foul smell had been rectified in other females i dated. So i pose these questions to the larger group of women.

A: Is it possible the doctor didn't smell anything?

B: Is it possible the doctor waived her off and didn't do a wet mount because maybe she washed like crazy just before her gyn appointment?

C: Or is it possible this is her natural smell, that it could be really this strong and based on her arousal?

D:This person up until now had been taking a prophilactic HSV pill daily. (6yrs+) Would this cause a change in the mucousal secretions? I thought it was just to prevent viral DNA duplication so I don't think it is that. But now you know everything.

If it is part C, her natural smell, what can we do to improve it? Or, is this it, take it or leave it.

Regarding part D: She has stopped taking meds, since its safe to stop now. Smell still there.

Thats the only information I have, please keep answers to the ones I posed, I don't need to be called a jerk etc. I need to find a solution. Because I can't understand what the next logical reason would be for it to be so strong.

A little insight further:

this person is ok with kissing with tongue in the morning before brushing teeth, I am not.

This person would allow me to perform oral on her after 18+ hours into the day without shower. I am not comfortable with that.

I can't stand the smell of strong sharp cheese. (maybe Im too sensitive?)

So maybe smells are not noticable for her?? Maybe she lacks this gene? Or is less sensitive?

Or maybe its me?



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plasva HB User
Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive


You sound very intelligent, so I had to respond to this and take it seriously. Can you describe the smell? Because if it's the typical female odor, just really strong, it may just be her "pheromones" are very strong and you're sensitive to them. If it's like bread baking, that's a yeast infection. If it's like seafood (sorry, but it's true), that's bacterial vaginosis. OR if it gets worse after unprotected sex, it's probably bacterial vaginosis. Some couples battle this like crazy, because it's caused by the ph changes that occur following vaginal exposure to semen. BV is not that difficult to diagnose, if the doctor knows what he/she is doing. It can be treated with a cream your girlfriend would have to insert (prescription, can't buy it at a drugstore), which may or may not work, and which sometimes will cause a yeast infection to form (can you tell I am not a fan of the cream?) Or preferably, it can also be treated with certain antibiotics (I think one is metranodozale-- sp?)

The other thought that comes to mind is overgrowth of bacteria from something in the vagina like a tampon that got "lost" up there near the cervix. (Sorry, but... it happens.) The doctor would find it, though, if she actually had a pelvic exam, but that could also cause what you're describing, and neither of you would necessarily be able to tell it was there. The bacteria would love to multiply like crazy on something like that.

But based on what you're saying, I'd put my money on her having BV.

All of that said, I am concerned about the lack of respect she shows you-- if my boyfriend requested we bathe before oral sex, I would understand. I am wondering why she is so against it.

And in answer to your questions, yes, it's possible the doctor didn't smell anything unusual. Did she say he ran any tests at all? Did he take a swab or use a pH strip to check the pH of her vaginal secretions or ANYthing? Maybe she needs to go to a female doctor.

I hope you can work out this little problem!

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Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

It's possible you are over sensitive, but it's just as likely she is used to it. As for the doctor not smelling anything, I'd bet she washed like heck before she went. No woman goes to the gyno without taking care of that area.

In fact most women take care of that area before having sex too, or at least have showered within a reasonable time frame. It's a shame she doesn't think it's necessary because even without any underlying medical cause, the crotch needs to be washed regularly or it will start to smell, plain and simple. It produces natural secretions that will smell eventually, mainly sweat, smegma and totally normal discharge.

She needs to understand that taking care of things beforehand (for both men and women) is just a courtesy to your partner. (That goes with brushing teeth too, lol.)

Old 05-21-2009, 08:46 AM   #4
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B3achbabi HB User
Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

It could be Bacterial Vaginosis i currently was diagnosed.

Old 05-21-2009, 08:48 AM   #5
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B3achbabi HB User
Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

Bacterial Vaginosis, has similar symptoms to a yeast infection but can re occur and be treated as soon as possible. Often cause a fish like odor, which i myself did not have, but had lots of whiteish discharge.The cause is unknown but is related to sex.

Old 05-21-2009, 08:12 PM   #6
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babsie HB User
Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

she probably has BV. i noticed symptoms of my BV the day before i found out i was diagnosed with hsv2 and my doctor told me it was just a yeast infection. well i treated it as a yeast infection and it didnt go away so i went back and she then said it was BV. and yes that was the case. at first i thought maybe it was a symptom of hsv2 because i was having my first outbreak at that time. maybe it was the time and place that you brought the problem up to be a lil emberrassed if that situation happened to me. shes prob lying about the doctor not noticing anything because she was emberrassed. but overall i dont think you were harsh is telling her. after all i would like to know if i smelled bad down there!!!

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polc HB User
Re: Vaginal Smell 10/10 bad, and complications. HSV2 positive

Have you ever heard of Vaginal Probiotics? Not sure whether you resolved your problem or not but if it is still going on you could recommend to your girlfriend that she do a course of Vaginal probiotics. These re-esatblich normal bacterila populations to the vaginal mucous membranes. If something has overgrown (either bacterial or fungal), using the probiotic could remove the source of the smell. Another possibility is that she may have abnormal hormonal levels. An excess of one of her female hormones could contribute to the mucous membrane becoming more susceptible to bacterial infection. Find out if her period is irregular or if there is anything extreme about her period in terms of flow, duration etc. If there is something then I would take that to her doctor and ask him to prescribe something to balance her hormones. Good luck

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