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jessster15 01-19-2012 08:16 PM

my hymenotomy experience
i recently had a similar procedure to a hymenectomy, i had a hymenotomy. apparently the only difference is that i didn't need stitches. i'm writing this for anyone who was as nervous as I was. i'm 18 and i've been struggling for years to be able to use tampons because anything i tried to insesrt would bring me to tears, when i say the pain was unreal that's an understatement. I was desperate for a cure and every gynecologist just simply said i had vaginismus. my biggest advice to anyone getting this done, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! you know your body and you know when something's wrong. I finally got the courage to tell my gyno that i needed a cure because it was ruining my life, i couldnt have sex with my boyfriend and i couldnt use tampons it was horrible. But i can honestly say this procedure changed my life, after a week of recovery from this procedure i could use a tampon PAIN FREE. it is the greatest procedure for anyone suffering from this. seriously, do not accept vaginismus as an answer, i did for a long time and it was horrible because all it took was 20 minutes and i was cured. I didn't need stitches and my hymenal ring was really really thick which is why it caused me so much pain over the years. but it truly was the greatest procedure of my life. it has changed my life, i feel asbolutely no pain when inserting tampons :) if you're story is life mine, GET THIS DONE! i know not everyone has a success story from this but it is definitely worth getting done, it was 100% successful for me

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