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kiri01 03-03-2012 10:12 PM

Cervix sets high?
I have been told by many gyn's that my cervix sets high. What does that mean? Exams have always been very uncomfortable but I thought that was just to be expected. Sex is also quite painful and I always have a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone. Is this because my cervix sets high? I also have bad cramps and pressure when on my period. Any insight would be very helpful.

Vanilla Kiss 03-04-2012 12:57 AM

Re: Cervix sets high?
Hi, a high cervix means that your uterus is placed high in the abdominal pelvic cavity usually it is suspended just above the vaginal canal. Pelvic exams can be more difficult because the speculum. The instrument a gynecologist inserts to see the cervix will not extend far enough into the vagina to reach the cervical opening. This is not a health problem but it may cause discomfort during pelvic exams from time to time. For the pain during sex it is a possibility. You can try Midol or Pamprin for menstrual symptoms.

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