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lonebird01 07-14-2012 12:00 PM

I think that i will have to have a hymenectomy and I was wondering how I should get the ball rolling. I have made an appointment with a obgyn for a pap smear but I know it will not be successful because they never are because the doctor can't penetrate. When, I called to schedule an appointment I really didn't want to get into the situation with the lady on the phone. I figured I would go in for the "pap smear" and then talk to the doctor and let her see what's going on and to help me determine what I need to do. I know from looking at my vigina that the hymen is REALLY there. It seems super think and no matter how much I try to push through it I can't and it hurts like nobody's business. I'm really shy when it comes to my privates so if anyone has advice about starting the convo with the the doctor I would appreciate it.


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