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dadinfl 07-23-2012 05:07 AM

Size and Vaginal Orgasms
On our journey to unlock the mysetery of my wife's orgasmic ability we were recently successful (twice actually) by use of a vibrator. My question is simply, now what? My penis doesn't vibrate, is no where near the size we used and I couldn't possible penetrate as fast and as firmly as we did when she came. For what its worth, it was quite a thrill to observe my first female orgasm (my thought was, where is all this water coming from???)
Is it safe to say that size really does matter? We've already had that discussion, neither of us have any issues or hangups, but we only have a sample size of I'm wondering, if that's a key player, there probably isn't going ever be a time when she has occassional or regular orgasms through intercourse?

wachix 07-28-2012 07:49 AM

Re: Size and Vaginal Orgasms
Of course size matters. Luckily, most sizes are average for both men and women. The average penis will fit and satisfy the average vagina.
It comes down to a matter of technique for most people. Stamina is also important. A woman might be getting close and if the guy has to take a break at an inopportune moment, the build up can fizzle and be gone.

Try to practice being able to go fast and hard for a long time. Say at least 5 minutes straight, before you might have to go slower for a while.
Not every woman requires machine like motion, but for some it's the only way.

You should probably lay off the vibrator for a while too, if you want success with making her orgasm using just your penis. As you say, a vibrator is much more intense than the average penis.

NeckIssueGuy 07-29-2012 06:38 AM

Re: Size and Vaginal Orgasms
Yup the vibrator will ruin any chance of your stimulation doing the job, as my wife hasn't played with one in ten years, because she got used to that kind of stimulation, and couldn't even get off rubbing it during penetration. I have a pretty good size, and have only got her off once or twice without clitoral stimulation by her hand, so try to stay away from the vib and you may never get her to from penetration alone. without other stimulation well good luck to you and your wife

gustone 07-31-2012 01:38 PM

Re: Size and Vaginal Orgasms
My wife of many years can't get off with manual stimulation or my penetration. The only way she gets off is on top. Like the song from the band 'James' states, "she only comes when she's on top." Try it and I'm sure your size will be fine.

In fact, I had lots of girls before my wife and most of them could only get off with oral or on top.

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