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RoraRose 01-22-2013 12:22 AM

Horrible Pelvic Pain
Last year, I started to have horrible pelvic pain after having intercourse with my now ex-fiance. I always felt the pain during sex and it would hurt just to the right of my left hip bone. It has the feeling of menstrual cramps except in short bursts that cause me to double over in pain. It lasts for nearly a week with the intensity of the pain never subsiding.

After sex, I bleed profusely and after the first occurrence I thought I merely got my period early because the bleeding kept up for three days. I thought this until it happened more and more often immediately following and during sex.

I went to my gyno and they told me that I had a large chocolate cyst and an endometrial cyst; however, within mere days, they told me there was no indicator that I had [I]ever[/I] had any cysts and that I need not worry about having to go through treatment for endometreosis, which I feel I misspelled.

Also, this might not be related or they could be connected, I have, for the past six months, been the victim of an unrelenting vaginal discharge. Some days it is creamy, yellow with thick clumps but other days it is watery with clumps with a terrible smell. Nothing I do gets rid of this. On occasion I experience a terrible itching until it becomes raw.

Any ideas why my reproductive parts seem to hate me?

Killkenny64 01-22-2013 07:21 AM

Re: Horrible Pelvic Pain
You need to go to a different GYN and get a 2nd opinion sweetheart !! Those symptoms you are speaking of are concerning so do not except what those other ones are saying !
Good luck ....

momoftrio 01-22-2013 12:55 PM

Re: Horrible Pelvic Pain
What you are describing sounds very much like Chlamydia which is an std. It is treatable with antibiotics only so you need to go to your GYNO. Nothing else will get rid of it .

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