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helpme789 11-21-2010 08:55 AM

herpies or garlic burn?

about a month ago I was raped by a girl. Her and I would mastubate together but she told me she had hsv2 so we never got touchy feely. Anyways a month ago she passed the line and began giving me oral sex after this was done I went home and panicked, I chopped up a half a tall glass of garlic and let burried my penis in it for over 15 min. She had told me befor that her last partner cought it off of her. I never did anything else with her.
I have been haveing panick atacks for the last month to the point of hyperventilateing.

I also was diagnosed with molescum contagiosum before ( not sure if i had any left, and also around my circumcision ive been itchy and i think they were tiny zits that i have popd.

I had sex 3 times and now my penis feels preety chafed.

I am freaking out because what if i gave this to my partner.

How likely is it to get genital herpies from a blowjob?
I didnt see any visable sores, is it possible for herpies to live in the mouth or throught since she did deep throat me.

I have been praying hard that this unfortunate bad call on my part hasnt effected the rest of my life.

my penis is sore and itchy, and i have had a few zit like shapes on my foreskin scar, which i popd and zit like substance came out.

I am totally in the dark when it comes to herpes , and scared to death.

could the soreness and itchyness come from the garlic, how long does a garlic burn last for?

When I go to my doctor what kind of blood test should I ask for , I have been to the std clinic (in canada) and they said that they dont do the type of blood test i need.

now ive been up late at night searching the internet and freaking my self right out.

if you could break down the likelyness of getting herpes from a blow job,
how the garlic would affect me and for how long,
and which type of test should i get.

I know you cant give a diagnosis, but if you could give me a opinion id be gratefull.
Thanks in advance,

babsie 11-21-2010 10:08 AM

Re: herpies or garlic burn?
only if she had an outbreak of sore in her mouth at the time this happened. Pretty sure your ok...hsv2 usually stays on the genital area. Quit stressing yourself out so much!

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