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Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

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Old 10-02-2012, 08:12 AM   #1
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flamin HB User
Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

I have been searching for an answer for a year now. I have seen many posts with very similar symptoms as myself, but much of them are older and or not exactly the same as what I have experienced.

Initial symptoms:
Sharp tingles one day after protected vaginal unprotected oral sex
2nd day scrotum turned fire red and burned horribly - also anxiety almost went to ER
Redness follows hair follicles on scrotum, has not spread to legs or shaft
3rd day went to dermatologist and was told contact dermatitis was told not std
4th meatus turning red and urine leaking urgency and retention
Next couple weeks feet, groin, abdomen, and legs periodically tingle. Groin clammy and wet specifically scrotum
Also morning times clear sticky discharge with first urination in the morning
hypersensitivity in groin area and legs

6 Urinalyses - all negative
Blood work for all STD's at 17 weeks - all negative
I went to STD Clinic and was somewhat laughed at and told that this was an STD clinic

Contact Dermatitis
Some sort of infection

Steroid cream used for three days, made skin red and irritated so I stopped using it
Diflucan - three pills in the days, seemed to calm down
Tetracycline - Doxy for one month
Cipro - two weeks
Cipro - again for two weeks
Gold bond helps a lot

Symptoms now:
Tingling thighs and legs worse when sitting
Burning has gone down redness has gone down but still remain
Red urethra
Clear sticky discharge with bowel movement as well as bowel problems irregular bloating and gas

I'm no hypochondriac although i have never been this anxious about anything before, but it seems very reasonable for me to be worried about these symptoms. Things really seem better when i'm calm and not thinking about it, but it seems that I feel better because symptoms have subsided as they do change on a daily basis.

I am really at a loss and I am searching for anyone who has had the symptoms and has a diagnosis or resolution. I'm really hoping this will pass with time as it seems to have with others. Any help would be appreciated

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Old 12-03-2012, 09:50 PM   #2
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divers217 HB User
Re: Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

have you gotten tested for Herpes? I have had very similar symptoms as you for many weeks now, and I'm waiting until I can get an accurate Herpes test, but these symptoms are in line with what some have reported as what they experience with herpes. Good luck, and hope to hear from you, as I am going through similar agony.

Old 12-04-2012, 05:06 AM   #3
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flamin HB User
Re: Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

Yes I have tested herpes. I have had multiple urine test and a blood test herpes select at four months everything has been negative. Herpes presents itself as red skin with very itchy clusters of blisters. My problem hardly itched and I have never had a blister. I'm down to weird rare fungal infection or irritant causing sensory nerve damage. Still at a loss though. What are your symptoms?

Old 06-21-2013, 08:46 PM   #4
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thk2 HB User
Re: Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

tests are negative,so its good ,its 100% perfect,so you have no std
and the symtomps are cause by anxiety
anxiety has varies Symptoms and varies at different people
some people have panic attack ,and some people get tingling
so you have fear,and fear cause that Symptoms
in recent study proved that
remember our mind is so powerful,if you thinking so much that you have std,then you can get illusion of Symptoms
you have get anxiety > std
get well soon

Old 09-24-2013, 12:36 PM   #5
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flamin HB User
Re: Red Burning Tingling Scrotum


Ok at the two year mark, I broke out with traditional jock itch symptoms. Urologists believes it was a fungal infection and prescribed me nystatin. It did not help. I bought clomitrazol jock itch cream and it was gone in two days. I have had over 20 urinalysis and they are all negative. I haven't passed anything to anyone. I still have red irritated meatus and urethra and tingling/burning in groin, mostly tingling when sitting-prostate pain or discomfort. I still have no clue what's going on but it all started two days after unprotected oral sex two years ago. I'm still just guessing but mayb it's a fungal infection that is also affecting the prostate.

Old 09-03-2014, 11:24 PM   #6
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beckersurf HB User
Re: Red Burning Tingling Scrotum

Hi all,

I have been following these threads regarding red sticky clammy wet scrotum, as i have had the same condition for about 8 months.

i too, had every possible medical test. Including skin scrapings.

i had tried everything also - dermatologist creams, anti fungal, strong antibiotics, prescription cortisone creams, powders = everything.

When i would get out of the shower, my scrotum and genital area, would immediately become red and sticky after toweling dry. I would drown it in every powder you can think of - as this was the only thing that was helping.

Nothing truly really worked, and by 6pm every day, the sticky red clammy wet painful scrotum returned.

I also think this is some type of either unknown fungal or bacterial skin infection, that is transmitted from person to person.

I am on a brand new regiment, and after lots and lots of research, it seems to be working.

Within about 2 days on this new regimen, my symptoms had started to subside and disappear. It has now been 1 week. I know that is not a lot of time, but it seems to be getting better very quickly.

I am not a doctor, but after consulting many doctors, online research, and medical books and papers, this is the regiment i am currently taking for my personal trial and it is working thus far for me, as of 1 week.

i have no idea which of the below is causing this to condition to go away, as i started all of them around the same exact time. But trying to rule out both a bacterial and/or fungal infection.

*Cipro 2 times a day
*Bactrim 2 times a day
*Tumeric capsule 2 times a day - natural remedy for staph skin infections
*Goldenseal capsule 2 times a day - again natural remedy for skin
*Echinacea capsule 2 times a day - again natural remedy for skin
*Wiping my groin, penis, and scrotum with isopropyl alcohol wipes 2-3 times a day. Wiping them really good. This will burn for a minute or so, and then it will subside.
*After the alcohol wipes, applying clortrimazole cream to groin/scrotum
*After the clortrimazole cream, applying Zeasorb powder to groin/scrotum

Again, i am not a doctor, but this is what is currently actually starting to work for me.

I think out of everything in that top list, what actually may be the solution is the isopropyl alcohol wipes. Which cost about $4.00, and look like baby wipes, but are alcohol rub.

The isopropyl alcohol wipes would most likely kill anything on the skin that was either fungal or bacterial.

I read about other guys using Listerine, which worked for them. Well listerine is just alcohol. So someone is onto something!

i keep you posted, but i had to post, after reading about 1000 posts by other guys with this same situation…i knew i should write my story and my personal regiment that seems to be working thus far!

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