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cfox250 12-20-2012 10:15 PM

Chlamydia Testing Question
2 months ago, I slept with a girl I didnt know unprotected (we both thought we were clean, I myself Ihad been tested not long before). So 2 weeks after she calls me and says "I just tested positive chlamydia you should get checked" So I go into the clinic and do a urine test, wait 2 days for results and its negative. The doctor at this walk in clinic said that the test however isnt 100% and IF I wanna be 100% safe then come back and do a Probe test for it in a few weeks. Ugh. Is this 2nd probe test neccesary, I mean really?

GuiltyConcious 01-19-2013 08:31 AM

Re: Chlamydia Testing Question
I've been through the same thing. I didn't have unprotected sex, but i had symptoms of Chlymedia, so I wanted to make sure I somehow had no break in teh condom.

It's just an oral swab, however its very awkward. He takes a q-tip and gathers samples inside the opening of the penis. It's accurate.

My sake: My results, as expected, came back negative and it was actually negative and was really bad jock itch from sweating and working out.

Also, men have very low risk at catching something than women. Meaning if you slept with a girl with chlamydia, without a condom, chances are still low you can pick it up.

Not a doctor, just know from what I learned through my experience.

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