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leopard777 09-21-2009 02:40 AM

how i gaet rid of acne with hygiene
When i was teenager , i had a lot of pimple in the jaw line and in the neck .

i was using during years a dermatologist cream , a dermatologist gave me . Unfortunately
i didn't see improvement .

Then when i was 18 years old , i was studying in the university , in an important city .
That was the first time i was living among citizens .

I decided to really take a shower a day . And also after each shower , i decided to wear a clean
boxer shorts ( that means i will wear it only during one day ) and a clean vest ( that means also i
will wear it only during one day ).
And the day after , i will wear another clean one . Seven times a week .

On Monday , i had seven clean boxer shorts , and seven clean vest in my sport bag or in my
luggage .
And the week end , a wash machine .
The next Monday again , all of them clean , fresh .

oh what’s a change . Within two weeks i have no got a simple pimple left .

One dermatologist told me hygiene is one important reason of acne .
Has any of you experienced the same ?

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